All About Pink & Blue Hair: 10 Hot Styles For 2024.

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It’s time for change, and what better way than by getting an epic new hair color? There is nothing quite like the moment when you realize that you’ve found your true hue, or two!

There are few color combos more iconic than pink and blue hair.

But can you really pull this look off? What hairstyles will it work with? And what are the right shades and colors for you?

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know to get the statement look this year.

What’s so on-trend about pink and blue hair?

This statement look is an edgy hairstyle where different parts of your hair are dyed different shades of pink and blue.

It can be done in any number of ways, from streaks or highlights to all-over color. You can also add other colors to the mix for varying effects, such as green or purple – magical mermaid or unicorn looks anyone?!

The color combination is very offbeat, and has seen a surge of interest following the success of Stranger Things – with Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven also rocking this style.

This look can be achieved by using temporary or semi-permanent dyes such as Manic Panic, Arctic Fox (pink/purple) or Splat (blue), or alternatively you could go for permanent colors which will last much longer.

What we love about this color combo is that it’s such an unusual and eye-catching hue that’s always sure to turn heads. And there are so many different ways to wear it.

Check out the pink and blue looks latest looks on our Pinterest board to get your creative juices flowing:

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10 Pink and blue hair ideas and inspiration

Whether it’s deep shades of navy blue, a dreamy pastel pink or two-toned ombre, these 10 on-trend pink and blue hair ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for creating the perfect unique style.

If you’re ready to take the plunge but feeling intimidated, there’s no need to worry: this guide is designed with tons of helpful tips and advice on everything from what shade will suit you best to how to keep dyed locks looking their best.

#1 Half and Half hair

This radical half and half style is probably the most popular of the bunch. It allows you to have a bit of both colours without going too over the top.

We love teaming shades of baby blue with pinks like ballet slipper or fuchsia, or mixing mint blue-green with lavender. You can also try keeping your natural colour on top and just dyeing two sections at the ends.

This style is perfect for those who want a pretty and feminine look that turns heads wherever you go!

#2 Pink and blue Ombré hair

With ombré or a colour melt, the gradual transition from one shade to the next is a great way to show them off the two colours without going too crazy.

We love a reverse blue and pink ombre – light at the roots melting to lighter tones at the end – in shades of baby blue and soft pink for a delicate and pretty effect.

#3 Pink and blue Mermaid hair

This fun and flirty style is great if you want to make a statement. The shimmering hues of rose gold, lilac and ice blue, turquoise or seafoam green bring the sea to life.

#4 Pink and Blue Hair streaks

blonde hair purple streaks instagram post

If you’re after a more hardcore, punk rock look, go for bright streaks of fuschia pink and baby blue in contrasting stripes or blocks. This or a chunky money piece is a great way to show your rebellious side!

#5 Pink and blue Peekaboo hair

This playful peekaboo style is perfect for those who want to have a little fun with their hair. If you want to turn heads then this is the way to go! Opt to keep your natural colour on top and creates waves of shocking pink and cobalt blue underneath.

This style also looks amazing with unicorn, mermaid or rainbow hidden underneath for a surprise magical effect!

#6 Unicorn hair

This fantasy style is inspired by the magical creatures of legend. Pastel shades on a silver-blonde or white-blonde base create a striking, ethereal look.

Try colours like cotton candy and powder blue for a more subtle approach or shocking hues like hot pink and electric blue, aqua and turquoise for a bolder take on mermaid manes.

#7 Pink and blue sunset Highlights

Highlights are a great way to add dimension, interest and depth. Try adding light blue highlights to a deep pink base for a contemporary, trend-setting feel, or go for deep pink highlights against a dark blue base.

For a more subtle effect, keep your base natural and opt for babylights of soft pastel shades.

#8 Pink and blue Balayage hair

Balayage styles are a great way to show off these hues, as they create natural-looking highlights and shadows.

Blend dark blues like Midnight with purples and pinks such as Lavender Whip to create a distinctive look.

#9 Pink and Blue Dip dye ends

If want to play with this colour combo, then dip dye is a great way to try it out. It looks fabulous on light or dark hair. And incredible on a razor-sharp short hair bob.

A pastel pink or grapefruit base with teal tips looks amazing. Or opt for bright neon colours to create a wow look for you.

#10. Pink and Blue Gemini Hair

This style resonates with those who want to celebrate both sides of their personality – the soft, dreamy side reflected by the pink, and the deeper, introspective side captured by the blue.

Gemini hair is for the adventurous at heart who aren’t afraid to show off their dual nature. When styled with waves or sleek straight lines, the Gemini Hair becomes a showstopper, turning heads wherever you go!

Will pink and blue hair suit me?

The best thing about mixing up these two colors is that you can choose the warm or cool shade that’s right for you.

Warmer shades of pink and blue can create a fun and flirty look, whereas cooler shades can give off a more edgy and daring vibe. So it really comes down to your skin tones and what you want to achieve with your style.

Use our checklist below to find out if you have cool or warm skin tones.

If you have cool undertones:

  • Your skin tone is pink or pale.
  • You blush easily!
  • Jewel and pastel colors are so your thing.
  • The color yellow washes you out and does not look good on you.
  • You have blue not green veins in your wrist.
  • Pearls and silver jewellery look awesome on you.

If you have warm undertones:

  • You have red or golden tones in your natural hair.
  • Your skin tone is golden, tan or olive.
  • You might have freckles.
  • You have green not blue veins in your wrist.
  • You suit bright or rich shades better.
  • Gold jewellery looks awesome on you.
cool or warm undertones infographic

Warm pink shades

Are typically more muted and earthy than cool pinks, with a more yellow undertone. This makes them ideal for those who want to add a subtle dash of pink to their hair without going too bright.

Cool pink shades

Can vary from light baby pinks to dark fuchsias, and usually have a blue undertone. This makes them perfect for giving your look a pop of color and creating an eye-catching contrast against darker hair colors.

Warm blue shades

Are softer than cool blues, with a more green undertone. This makes them ideal for those who want to give their hair some color without going too bright or shocking.

Cool blue shades

Can range from light baby blues to dark navy blues, and usually have a purple undertone. This makes them perfect for giving your look an injection of color but stopping it from looking too bright or garish.

What hair colors suit me?

If you’re still unsure about which colors suit you, take our quick quiz!

Just answer a few quick questions and you can apply this color theory to your hair, your wardrobe and your life!

Which Hair Color Suits Me?

How do I get pink and blue hair?

There are lots of different ways to achieve this look, but the most common way is to dye your hair different shades of pink and blue.

You could go for temporary dyes, permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes depending on how committed you’re feeling.

Since the color combination is so bright and unusual, it can be quite difficult to achieve without using semi-permanent or permanent dyes where possible.

If you’re feeling creative, you could also mix different colors together to create a unique look.

For those who want a more subtle approach, you could opt for toning down pink with pastel shades like mauve or going for soft teal instead of blue. This way you’re still getting a modern look that’s attention-grabbing but easier to maintain too.

Watch and learn: How to dye your hair pink and blue at home.

Here’s a great hair dye tutorial that guides you through how to dye your hair pink and blue galaxy step-by-step.

Will I need to bleach my hair?

Yes, you will need to bleach your hair to get this on-trend look on-point.

Even with the help of a base of blonde hair or highlights it can be difficult to achieve this shade without first lightening your locks.

If you do decide to try out pink or blue dye on its own first before adding the other color, then bleaching may not be 100% necessary – but it is still advisable just in case.

If your hair is dark – you will definitely need to bleach your hair to make sure you have the right base to show these vibrant colous.

Chat to your hairdresser if you’re unsure. They can advise whether you’re hair can take the processing.

If your hair is light – it depends on the brightness of the shades you opt for. You’ll need a bleached base for pastel colors for instance.

But if you’re thinking deep dark blues, no bleach might work for you.

How long will pink and blue hair last?

Not long! Unless you’re lucky enough to be blessed with gorg tresses that never fade (or a wig!), then this look should come with a warning.

This look fades fast because the colors are so bright, so you’ll need to be prepared to top it up every few weeks. But that’s half the fun, right?

Do not try this look if you’re thinking of growing out your hair or trying a more low maintenance style – it just won’t work. The upkeep needed for this shade is huge!

How to care for pink and blue hair.

There are some things you can do to make your hair color last for longer.

Parting words

So, if you’re looking for a fresh new look and some inspiration on what to do next – this could be the perfect hair colour combination for you.

Whether your goal is to be more confident in yourself or look good at that next big event, getting a show-stopping new do will help!

So what are you waiting for?

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