What colour to dye over green hair? Quick hair Q’s!

Green hair is often considered the pinnacle of experimentation in the world of hair colour. But what do you do if it turns out to be a little too much? This blog post will cover your bases with some tips for what colour to dye over green hair!

Few things are as eye-catching and memorable as an emerald head of hair. The problem comes when you decide it’s time to change up your look again and go back to your natural roots.

How do you get rid of green hair?

Some colours will clash and make your hair look worse. What about the colours that work well together? In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the best shades for covering green hair.

What colours cover green hair?

  • Blue – midnight blue, pastel shades, electric blue.
  • Purple – burgundy, lavender, maroon.
  • Orange – ginger and copper.
  • Brown – ash brown, chocolate brown and mahogany.

What is green hair?

Green hair, the colour of envy. The shade that is a testament to your experimental nature and your willingness to step out of the box. A truly remarkable hue that leaves you feeling invigorated, powerful and confident.

Green hair is a colour that many people are dabbling with these days. It’s the new black!

Green hair can be achieved by dyeing your hair with any number of shades of green, or through temporary methods such as hair dye, chalk and pastel powders.

There are hundreds of different interpretations you can try – from a subtle hint at earthy tones or a green and black mix to a full-blown forest green mane.

Maybe you’re going for an edgy punk look or trying out a brand new shade on your next visit to the salon. Whatever your reasons, there’s a green hair shade for you.

Check out the latest looks for ideas and inspiration.

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What colour should you dye over green hair?

OK, when it comes to GETTING RID of green hair, life gets tricky.

Green hair is a colour that takes commitment. Once it’s in your hair, it’s super hard to remove. Just like blue.

The good news is that you can cover green hair using other hair dye colours. And without needing to bleach the colour out.

If we look at the hair colour wheel that all hair colour science abides by, you’ll see that warm, red-orange tones are the opposite of green-blue colours.

This means that these colours counteract each other and can get rid of any unwanted tones in your hair. Blues and brown also cancel green colours with their cooling pigments.

To cover up green hair, the colours you should try are:

  • Blue – midnight blue, pastel shades, electric blue.
  • Purple – burgundy, lavender, maroon.
  • Orange – ginger and copper.
  • Brown – ash brown, chocolate brown and mahogany.

It depends on what colour green your hair is now, what type of hair dye you used and how long the colour has been in your hair, how well it will work.

We recommend always doing a strand test before you dye your hair completely to check that the colour works.

hair color wheel

What takes away the greenish colour tones in your hair?

Chlorine, sun and other environmental factors can turn your hair a murky greenish colour. Especially if you have bleached blonde hair.


Luckily, there are many ways to remove the unwanted tones from your hair such as using shampoos, conditioners or even masks that will help rid you of those unsightly stains.

So what takes away the greenish colour tones in your hair?

The best way to remove green from your hair is by using a red shampoo.

The warm red pigment in the shampoo will take away any undesirable colours, leaving you with clean, green-free hair.

Depending on the severity of the green tones, this process may have to be done more than once as it doesn’t happen overnight.

If you want an even brighter result, use a red toner or gloss. These are best done professionally in a salon to get the best results!

what colour to dye over green hair Instagram red
what colour to dye over green hair Instagram purple

How do you get green out of bleached hair?

Here’s a great video that shows you how to remove green tones and unwanted hair dye colour pigments from bleached blonde hair, step-by-step!

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Will purple shampoo fix green hair?

No. Purple shampoo will not fix green hair. Purple shampoo is made to get rid of unwanted yellow tones and brassiness in blonde hair.

You’re better off using purple hair dye or blue dye over green hair to really counteract the green and give you a new purple hue.

Parting words.

You’ve been rocking that green hair for a while now. It was fun at first, but lately you’re starting to feel like maybe it was a little too much of an experimental colour after all…we get it!

To avoid the dreaded “green roots” look, try using either purple or blue as your new base colour.

Purple will be more subtle than blue so start with that if you want something less intense. If you really want to go bold then go for the blue!

Now you know what colour to dye over green hair. Just make sure that whatever colours you choose, they compliment your style and skin tones and don’t clash.

Also remember not to pick too light of a shade because otherwise it won’t cover up the green properly! Good luck!