nicola freeman

Creative Director & Content Lead

Oh hi there! I'm Nicola, founder and owner of Coloured Hair Care.

My Hair Coloring Journey

I'm an award-winning copywriter who has been dying my hair for over 20 years since going gray in my 20s. (Currently just gone blonde- it makes you appear younger you know!)

Why I Started Coloured Hair Care

I have always wanted a resource for all things hair color- shade inspiration, which products I should use to keep the color, which hair dyes are the best.

And after documenting it for myself for years, when the pandemic hit and friends and family were asking me for advice on dying their own hair at home, I decided to make to blend my two passions- colored hair and copywriting!

It turns out I really love sharing my tips and knowledge with other hair color lovers!

My Professional Background

Before my blogging days, I was crafting words as an award-winning advertising copywriter, working between agencies in London and New York, working on global campaigns for some iconic brands.

Personal Life

Today, I'm not just your go-to gal for all things hair color. I'm also a proud mom to two crazy little girls and the wife of the incredibly artistic Tony (who, let's be honest, I keep on his toes!). When I'm not penning down hair care tips or chasing after my kiddos, you'll find me on the soccer field, scoring goals as the striker for my local team. And if you ever want to win my heart? Just hand me a plate of sushi! Yum.

About Coloured Hair Care

At Coloured Hair Care, we're more than just a blog. We're a community of hair color enthusiasts, backed by a team of expert colorists, hairstylists, cosmetologists and trichologists. From personal experiments to expert advice, we've got you covered.

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