Underneath hair color | How to get the peekaboo trend.

underneath hair color peekaboo hair

Underneath hair colour is all the rage right now in the hair color world. This unique, peekaboo style sees the underneath layer of your hair dyed a different color from the top layer.

Amazing! But how do you know if this hair style will suit you What colour will you pick? And how to you get the look at home? You’re in the right place!

If this is your first time trying an underlayer hair colour, we understand it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many color combinations you can choose! And what’s peekaboo hair? Or peekaboo highlights? And how do you even get the look at home? It can all seem very overwhelming.

We created this guide for you with everything you need to know about the peekaboo hair trend including; best colors, tips on dyeing your own hair, and our favorite products that will help make your new hairstyle last longer than ever before!

This step by step guide has everything you need for beautiful colored under layers in no time. Let’s go!

What is it called when you dye the underside of your hair?

The technique of having your hair dyed underneath is also known as peekaboo hair!

What is peekaboo hair?

Peekaboo hair is all the rage right now in the hair color world. With a peek-a-boo style, the bottom layer of your hair is dyed a different color from the top layer.

The under hair dye can be a block colour, streaks or highlights or you can go crazy with an underside rainbow, mermaid or unicorn color effect!

When you half dye hair underneath, the bottom color is only visible when it shows through the top layer of hair. It works amazingly with short hair and long hair.

Bright colors are normally used to create that a showstopping and surprising contrast. Peekaboo!

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What color should I dye the underside of my hair?

It’s no secret that color can make or break your look, but it might be time for a change? Dyeing just the underside of your hair is an easy way to try out new shades without committing.

Pair different colors with each other and you’ll get some really cool effects like black dye if you have platinum blonde locks; plus adding bright pops of every neon and pastel color imaginable!

For instance: rainbow hair colored dyes are good for adding more color in an otherwise monochrome look; reds go great next to green or blue; orange gives off such vibrant shades – perfect when paired together with pink (or purple).

The best effects work with a high contrast – so if you’re dark hair, think light, bright colours and if you have light hair, think bold and dark.

Check out the latest looks for ideas and inspiration.

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Can I get peekaboo hair without bleach?

You can get peekaboo hair without bleach, but it will be a lot lighter and slightly less vibrant. It all depends on the colour your hair is now.

If you have hair darker than medium brunette, you’ll almost certainly need to use bleach to get the right base for a pop of color.

Color cannot lighten color, so if your heart is set on a lighter peekaboo shade, it’s bleach for you.

The brighter you want your underneath color to be, the more likely you’ll need to use bleach to get the look.

If your hair is already a light shade, and you want to go darker underneath – like blonde hair with jet black, midnight blue or rich red – you may be able to get away with it!

The best thing to do is always try a strand test first to see what the resulting color will really be.

Underneath hair color ideas.

Peekaboo color for dark brown/black hair

  • Red shades
  • Blue shades
  • Purple shades
  • Silver

Peekaboo color for dark blonde/light brown hair

  • Pink shades
  • Pastel shades
  • Copper

Peekaboo color for light blonde/white hair

  • Black shades
  • Green shades
  • Blue shades

Can I do peekaboo hair at home?

Peekaboo hair is easy to do at home, but you’ll need a pal to help you out. That’s because the underneath of your hair is round the back of your head and tricky to reach and dye by yourself.

Once you’ve picked your chosen colour, the results will depend on what colour your hair is now.

If your hair is dark – you may need to lighten your hair first before applying your colour. This means using bleach to get the right, light base to make the hair dye color really pop.

If your hair is light – you have a good base for most colours. If your heart is set on pastel hair dye, you may also need to lighten your hair first to get the right base.

ALWAYS do a strand test first to check what color you’ll end up with and avoid any hair dye disasters.

How to do peekaboo hair.

If you’ve got your chosen hair dye and you’re feeling confident, let’s do it! You’ll need to set aside a good hour or so to get it right.

Watch and learn this video from the experts to show you how to do peekaboo hair successfully at home!

Peekaboo hair top tips

  • Choose contrasting colors to create a tonally stunning effect
  • Clip up the top layer of your hair and leave it up for the entire process
  • Apply barrier cream or petroleum jelly to the nape of your neck and around your ears to protect them from hair dye stains
  • Apply the dye in one-inch sections to ensure an even coverage
  • Use a tail comb to separate the sections
  • Use one colour or create a striped look with multiple colours

Where do you put peekaboo highlights?

Peekaboo highlights use the same section of your hair – your underneath layer – but are applied to certain strands of your hair.

This is done using foils and gives a more subtle, multidimensional look. With peekaboo highlights, you can also color strands around your hairline the front of your hair to frame your face and bring out your eye color.

This gorgeous peekaboo look is a real art and best done by a hairstylist to get it right!

An easier way to create peekaboo highlights is to use colored hair extensions. These can clip onto the underside of your hair to give that highlighted vibe in a quick and easy way.

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How do you maintain peekaboo hair?

How long your underneath hair color will last depends on the type of color you have used to get the on trend look.

Reds and pinks will fade faster than greens or blues blacks for instance, which are stubborn colours to remove.

The best thing you can do is use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair.

These contain no nasties like sulphates that can strip and fade your color.

When it comes to topping up your colour, again this will depend!

Because the colour is underneath the top layer of your hair, it grows out well as the roots are not so visible as when you dye the top layer of your hair.

Parting words

You now know everything you need to about the peekaboo hair trend and how it can be customized to suit you, your style and your personality too.

We hope this post has been helpful as a starting point for those of us who are new at experimenting with our hairstyles and color! Good luck!