How long should you wait to dye your hair again? Quick hair Qs!

You might be asking yourself, how long should you wait to dye your hair again.

The answer is different for everyone depending on the color and condition of your hair. So we’ve put together this guide to help you decide when it’s time for another trip to the salon!

Hair color is a big deal. It can make or break an outfit and even change the way people perceive you. But there are times when your hair color just doesn’t look right and needs some help. That’s where we come in!

We have all the information on what to do after dyeing your hair for the first time as well as tips on how often to dye it depending on which shade of hot, on-trend hue that you want.

We also include helpful advice and top tips to make sure you’re looking after the heath of your hair too. So trust us when we say that this article will be worth reading! Let’s go!

How long should you wait to dye your hair again?

We recommend waiting 1-2 weeks after coloring before applying any new color.

This will ensure that the first application has had enough time to set into the hair shaft and won’t fade too quickly.

It also gives you an opportunity to fix any mistakes made during the application or tone down brassiness from previous applications.

After all, you wouldn’t want that perfect shade of blonde turning green because you didn’t wait long enough between colors?!

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How soon after dyeing hair can you dye again?

The truth is, the answer to how often you should dye your hair is different for everyone depending on what type of dye you use and your own personal preferences.

There are some things that can affect the quality of your color.

For example, did you know that water temperature can change the way colors look on your hair? Or that certain shampoos can strip away pigment from dyed locks? And what about those pesky grey hairs that seem to pop up overnight?

It also depends on what hair dye you use. For example, if you use permanent hair dye, you might want to wait at least 6 weeks before dyeing your hair again because this type of dye lasts longer than other types.

On the other hand, semi-permanent hair dyes only last about 4 weeks so people using them don’t need to worry as much about waiting too long between colors.

Can I dye my hair the next day?

If you have ever dyed your hair before, then you know that there are certain rules and regulations that come with dyeing your hair.

For example, some people say that after a few days of having freshly dyed locks, they can go ahead and dye their hair again without any problems. However, this is not always true for everyone.

It really depends on the condition of your hair and the color you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re trying to fix bad hair color, it can be hard to wait!

But the hair dye process is damaging for your hair and it really needs the time in between colorings to repair itself.

Is it OK to dye hair again after 2 weeks?

It’s been two weeks since you dyed your hair. You’re itching to get it done again, but is it safe? Should you wait another week or should you go for it now?

Yes go for it! You don’t even have to wait long. 2 weeks is always just a general guideline, but some brands recommend waiting up to 4 or 6 weeks for their products.

Basically, the longer the time between dye jobs, the less damage done to the hair.

This means that if you have dyed hair and then decide to go lighter again in a few weeks after having let it rest for a while, there will be little noticeable damage from lightening it because you waited.

Although doing a darker color over hair that has already been dyed causes slightly more damage (because of double exposure), it’s not nearly as much as doing two separate full head colors close together would cause.

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Can you dye previously dyed hair?

Yes! Of course, you can. In fact, you’ll need to to keep your roots hidden and your color looking fresh.

If you have light blonde or silver hair, then waiting at least 4 weeks between dyes is recommended. This will give your locks enough time to recover from any damage caused by bleaching out those pesky yellow tones in your natural hair color.

On the other hand, if you have dark brown or black hair with no previous history of damage, then 2-3 weeks between appointments should do just fine!

And finally, if you’re like most people and fall somewhere in between these two extremes (light browns and reds), then 3-4 weeks is probably best for keeping up healthy locks while still getting that fresh new look every few months!

How many times can I color my hair in a month?

To limit the damage done to your hair, do no more than two dyes per month (ideally one).

If you want to change your color regularly but don’t want the damage, consider coloring over an existing color instead of re-dyeing all of your strands at once. The fewer times you do this in a month, the better- for instance, doing it every other month is ideal!

It’s also good to try to extend the time between each dyeing, to give your hair a much-needed break.

If you are using permanent hair color, your hair can be colored every month. If you are using semi-permanent hair color, you should ideally avoid doing that more than once a fortnight (the length of time it takes for it to fade out).

Following the above rules will make sure that your hair doesn’t start to show signs of damage like breakage and dryness. Another tip is to make sure you are using a color-protecting shampoo and a heat protecting spray to stop your hair being exposed to too much heat, which can lead to brittleness.

What happens if my hair has been lightened?

If you have recently had any kind of “blonde” or lightening done on your hair that involves bleaching then wait at least two weeks before you apply any form of dark brown/black permanent dye.

This is because the developer will react with whatever is in your hair and turn it an unpleasant shade of muddy green rather than black.

To avoid this happening simply let what is in there wear off completely before bleaching or recoloring again. Your hair may also just need toning to freshen up the color.

Or leave it to the professionals! They’ll make an assessment on what’s best for your hair depending on length, color and condition.

What do I do if I don’t like my hair color?

If you’ve made a mistake (it happens!) and you don’t like your new hair color – don’t panic! You have two options to get rid of it. Hair color remover, or bleach.

Hair color remover is a little tricky to apply yourself, but it does work. It works by removing all color pigments from your hair, but it will leave your hair feeling a little rough and straw-like.

Bleach is more potent and works best on stubborn color that’s been redyed a lot. If you want to try a bleach bath first then mix 10 vol peroxide with shampoo in a bowl and apply it all over your head.

Leave on for no more than 10 minutes (the longer you leave it on, the lighter your hair will get). As always when bleaching – be careful!!! Then wash/tone as usual.

With both these methods, your hair will probably appear orange! Especially if you natural draw warm tones or you’ve tried putting blonde dye on red hair. You will need to tone or re-dye it again to correct the color and neutralize brassy tones.

Parting words

If you want healthy-looking hair for years to come, then make sure not to over-process with harsh chemicals like bleach or permanent dyes too often.

The best way to keep up the color vibrancy and health of dyed tresses is by using gentle products designed specifically for colored hair.