Is Pantene really bad for your hair?

is pantene bad for your hair

You may have seen the claims that Pantene is bad for your hair making their rounds on social media, but are they true? We’re here to answer the question “Is Pantene bad for your hair?” once and for all. This shampoo is a long-standing staple in many women’s haircare routines. The shampoo and conditioner have …

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Best shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair 2022.

best shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair

Whether you’re going platinum, silver, pastel or pink, bleaching your hair is a fact of coloured hair life. Bleaching your hair makes it fragile and more prone to breakage, split ends and haystack hair. That’s why we’re here with the best shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair you need to help restore and condition your …

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Best leave-in conditioner for dyed hair 2022.

best leave-in conditioner for dyed hair

Dyeing your hair can boost your mood and lift your spirits as well as cover your greys. But hair dye is bad for your hair; sad fact. The chemicals and processing involved dries it out and makes it prone to weakness and breakage. That’s why you need the best leave-in conditioner for dyed hair to …

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Best deep conditioner for coloured hair 2022.

best hair masks

Dyeing your hair makes you look fabulous but it can dry out your hair and make it prone to breakage and frizz. Looking after your poor damaged tresses starts with buying the right coloured hair shampoos and conditioners that will be gentle on your colour. To really help moisturise and restore the condition of your …

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The best hair bleach kit for 2022.

best bleach for hair2

Bleaching your hair can be a dangerous process – literally! But there’s nothing going to stop us getting the hair colour of our dreams. Whether you want to pre-lighten your hair for a fab new colour, or platinum ice blonde is calling your name, we’re here with the best hair bleach kit to use at …

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Best silver shampoos you need in 2022.

best silver shampoo

If your hair is white blonde, gorgeous grey, or you’ve dyed it a shimmering, on-trend silver, the last thing you want to see in the mirror is yellow! Don’t panic. The best silver shampoos have been invented to eradicate unwanted yellow and banish brassiness for good. But what do they do? How often do you …

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Best dry shampoo for dyed hair in 2022.

sassy woman with pink hair

Ok, listen up. If you dye or colour your hair, the less you wash it with colour-stripping shampoo the better. Thankfully dry shampoos have been invented! So going a week (or longer) in between washes no longer means trying to style out greasy, grimey locks. But which is the best dry shampoo for dyed hair? …

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Best root cover up you need to know about in 2022.

Hair coloured lady sits on steps root touch-ups

Which is the best root cover up to keep you looking fresh in between colourings? Every now and then in our lives, let’s say…every six weeks (sometimes less) we find ourselves staring at an inch of unsightly growth in the mirror that doesn’t match the rest of our beautifully coloured hair.  Life is busy and …

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The best blue shampoo for brunettes in 2022.

best blue shampoo for brunettes

When you’ve dyed your hair a beautiful brown hair colour, the last thing you want to see in the mirror is orange! Don’t panic. Despite the name, blue shampoos have been invented to help your brunette hair (and you) keep it’s cool! That’s why we’re here with the best blue shampoo for brunettes. Light brown …

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Best shampoo bar for coloured hair in 2022.

best shampoo bars for coloured hair

The modern world has seen a rise in the use of these little miracles known as the shampoo bar, and we’ve got you covered with our best shampoo bar for coloured hair! Super nourishing, super kind to the planet and super gentle on your colour, that’s why we adore them. They’re bursting with natural oils …

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