About Coloured Hair Care.

Let’s face it. Colouring your hair is bad for it and there’s no getting away from it. Dyes contain chemicals that dry out and damage your hair follicles and over time make frizz, split ends and what we are forced to call, the dreaded, ‘haystack hair’.

But whether it’s to try a new look, feel like a new person or to keep stubborn greys out of sight, hair colour is an essential part of LOOKING AND FEELING FABULOUS.

So…how do you keep your hair looking healthy, your colour looking vibrant and lasting longer?

That’s where we come in.

We’re a team of hair colour lovers and enthusiasts with decades of personal hair dyeing experience behind us. You name a colour, we’ve dyed our hair many shades of it.

What we haven’t personally tried (green hair dye was a push too far!) we use on a range of high-quality, hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs that allow us to test and review many more different colours.

What we don’t know, we ask the experts – a team of colourists and hairstylists we call on to give us expert advice, tips and recommended products to keep coloured hair looking fabulous.

Explore our site for all the best advice, products, tips and guidance you’ll ever need, forever.

And if you want us to review a product, a hair colour, or ask us something important, just ping us an email: Hello @colouredhaircare.com

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