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Let’s face it. Coloring your hair is bad for it and there’s no getting away from it.

Dyes contain chemicals that dry out and damage your hair follicles and over time make frizz, split ends and what we are forced to call, the dreaded, ‘haystack hair’.

But whether it’s to try a new look, feel like a new person or to keep stubborn greys out of sight, hair color is an essential part of LOOKING AND FEELING FABULOUS.

So…how do you keep your hair looking healthy, your color looking vibrant and lasting longer?

That’s where we come in.

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We’re a team of hair color lovers and enthusiasts with decades of personal hair dyeing experience behind us.

You name a color, we’ve dyed our hair many shades of it.

What we haven’t personally tried (green hair dye was a push too far!) we use on a range of high-quality, hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs that allow us to test and review many more different colors.

While we bring a wealth of personal experience, we also collaborate with qualified hairdressers and colorists to ensure our advice is professional and accurate.

They provide us with expert insights, tips, and product recommendations to keep colored hair looking its best.

Explore our site for all the best advice, products, tips and guidance you’ll ever need, forever.

And if you want us to review a product, a hair color, or ask us something important, just ping us an email: Hello @colouredhaircare.com

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Our Research & Review Process

To ensure our recommendations are as comprehensive and reliable as possible, we’ve undertaken an extensive research effort.

We cite scientific evidence and journals, collect real user reviews and gather impartial perspectives from hair stylists, users, and experts in the field.

Additionally, we conduct hands-on testing by using products and applying hair dyes not only on our own locks but also on real human hair extensions and hair pieces of different hair type, textures and lengths.

This rigorous approach allows us to provide you with insights into which products genuinely live up to their promises.

As always – please consult with a professional hair colorist or stylist for advice on how to color your own hair at home. It’s different for everyone!

how to get green out of blonde hair with bleach

Meet the team.

Nicola author avatar

Nicola Freeman

Creative Director & Content Lead

With over two decades of passionate hair dyeing experience, I’ve experimented with nearly every shade imaginable. My journey began long before blogging; as an award-winning copywriter in London and New York, I shaped narratives for iconic brands. When friends sought advice during Covid for at-home hair dyeing, I realized my true calling. Beyond being your hair color expert, I’m a mom of two girls, wife to artist Tony, and an avid soccer player!

Enza author picture

Enza Piazza

Hair Stylist & Color Consultant

I’m Enza Piazza, your go-to hair stylist and color consultant with over 23 years of professional salon experience bringing vibrancy and life to hair of all hues. My Italian roots from sunny Sicily infuse passion into every snip and color, a passion that’s been recognized with top honor awards including bridal and party hair at the National Hairdressers Federation’s Championships.

After training in Surrey, UK’s most prestigious salons including Head Master Academy, I embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and set up Enza Hair Styling, offering tailored hair care for 13 years, and treating each client like family. Away from the salon, I cherish moments as a proud Nonna to grandson Joseph and as a playful companion to my Jack Russell, Bo.

Stephanie author avatar

Stephanie Johnson

Senior Cosmetologist/Trichologist

I’m Stephanie Johnson, a licensed Senior Cosmetologist with over 25 years of professional experience. Not only am I deeply passionate about hair care, but I also own a salon, teach, and specialize as a holistic scalp specialist. My expertise extends to developing products, particularly in hair restoration for women. I’m proud to be a member of The National Association of Professional Women. Through my website and newsletter, I stay committed to keeping women up-to-date with the latest beauty, body, and business insights. In 2005, I launched The Hair Care Company product line, a project close to my heart. Currently, I’m based in the Washington D.C. area, where I continue to inspire and empower women through my work.

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Paty Ramos

Social Media Manager

My name is Paty Ramos and I’m passionate about social media. I have a degree in Marketing and I started working in administrative areas until I got tired and decided that I wanted to exploit all my creative potential. That’s when I decided to study a certificate in social media (almost 10 years ago) . I don’t regret the decision a bit. I’ve been a social media manager since and I love what I do because it allows me to be as creative as possible and treat each brand as a person with its own voice and story. 2 years ago I moved from the city to the beach with my dog (the cutest pug ever) so that’s where you”ll see me when I’m not working, enjoying the beach with a good book in hand.

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“As a professional colorist, I’m impressed by the depth of knowledge on Colouredhaircare.com. It’s a fantastic resource not just for clients, but for stylists looking to enhance their craft.”
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