How To Get Blue Dye Out Of Hair – 4 Easy Ways That Work.

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Blue hair, don’t care? Not so fast, sister.

While blue hair can look amazing on some people, it’s not always a sustainable look.

Whether you got a little dye-happy or need to switch up your style, getting blue dye out of your hair can be a real pain in the a.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a solution. In this guide, we’ll teach you 4 easy ways to get that pesky blue hue out of your hair. 

There are lots of different ways to remove dye from your hair, but not all methods are effective or safe.

Some may even damage your locks if they aren’t used properly! Fortunately, there are 4 easy ways that work – just follow our instructions below.

How to get blue dye out of hair.

  • With bleach.
  • Use Baking Soda.
  • Hair color remover.
  • Cover it with an orange or red-based hair dye.

#1 How to get blue dye out of your hair with bleach

getting blue hair dye out of hair with bleach

The most common and effective way to get rid of blue dye is bleach.

You can use a hair bleach kit or go to a salon to have it done by a professional colorist.

Before you go down this road, it’s important to note that you should only bleach your hair if it’s in good condition.

If your hair is already damaged, bleaching could cause even more damage.

What to do:

Grab some bleach powder and developer and mix them according to the instructions on the package. We recommend using a gentle, low volume bleach and leaving it on your hair for a short period of time.

Apply the mixture evenly to your hair, focusing on the areas where the blue dye is most concentrated.

Keep an eye on the bleach and check your hair frequently to ensure that you don’t over-process it.

Once you’ve achieved the desired level of lightness, rinse your hair well and follow up with a nourishing treatment. Voila, say goodbye to blue and hello to a new hair adventure!

#2 How to get blue dye out of your hair with baking soda

get hair dye out of hair with baking soda

You don’t have to break the bank for professional services or bleach kits to get rid of the blue hue in your mane.

Baking soda is an inexpensive and natural method that you can use at home.

It works by breaking down the molecules in the hair dye that hold the color, allowing it to be rinsed away.

This method is best to use if you only have a tint of blue or a blue wash or patches to remove. Here’s how you can use baking soda to remove blue hair dye:

What to do:

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one cup of water until it forms a paste-like consistency.

Then, apply the paste directly onto the areas where you want to remove the color. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes and then rinse out with warm water.

#3 How to get blue dye out of your hair with Hair Color Remover

get blue hair dye out of hair with hair color remover

Another effective way to remove blue dye is using a hair color remover.

This product is designed to strip the artificial color from your hair without damaging it but it only works if you’ve dyed your hair with a permanent hair dye.

There are several brands available in the market, and they all work in a similar way. We’ve had success with Color Oops and Joico Color Intensity Eraser, both of which can be found at major retailers nationwide.

What to do:

Follow the instructions on the package to apply the product to your hair. In general, you’ll need to mix the remover with a developer, apply it to your hair using gloves, and wait for 30-60 minutes before rinsing it out.

Make sure you also wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner after the removal process to avoid any residue. And be warmed – it stinks like rotten eggs!

#4 Cover it with an orange or red-based hair dye

How to get blue hair dye out of hair with orange hair dye

This is a less harsh method to get rid of blue dye, especially if your hair is already damaged or fragile.

Orange or red-based hair dyes work by neutralizing the blue tones in your hair and making it look more natural.

You can choose a shade that’s close to your natural hair color or a fun new color you want to try.

What to do

Follow the instructions on the package to apply the dye properly.

Make sure you do a strand test first to make sure it will turn out the way you want.

Use a conditioner after applying it to avoid any kind of further damage and help lock in moisture.

Is it hard to get blue hair dye out of hair?

The answer is YES! But the real question is WHY?

Well, the scientific answer is that it’s because of the chemical in hair dye, PPD (P-Phenylenediamine).

The blue/green color you get is actually due to TWO ingredients in most hair dyes. One of them is the Developer (usually also contains Hydrogen Peroxide) and the other one is PPD.

When you mix these two chemicals together, it creates a chemical reaction that turns your hair into that “fabulous” shade of green or blue!

If you use semi-permanent hair dye there are less chemicals so it won’t last as long in your hair.

Permanent hair dye is even trickier to remove. The more intense blue color will last longer because it has more chemical inside. That goes for bright colors too.

Generally blue hair is applied to a pale blonde or light base, which also makes the color pigment molecules extra noticeable in your hair.

If you have a subtle tint of blue on a darker base like blue black hair, midnight blue or a dark blue hair dye shade on dark brown hair, you won’t notice the fade as much.

It goes without saying, if you’re up for this color, you need to be ready for commitment!

How do I get rid of blue in my hair?

There are a few different ways to remove the dye from your hair, but it depends on what kind of dye was used. The easiest ways are:

  • Bleach
  • Color remover
  • Dye it over another color.

There are also some things that can be done at home using ingredients found in most kitchens and bathrooms like lemon juice and baking soda.

But the problem with blue coloured hair is that it will leave a green tinge! especially if you use bright blue or dark blue hair colors. So you might want to use something stronger to get all the pigment out.

Semi-permanent dye removal – The good news about removing semi-permanent colors is that they don’t penetrate very deep into the hair shaft so they come out pretty easily.

Try hair color removers first before moving onto stronger stuff.

Permanent hair dye removal –  permanent hair dyes are designed to stain into your hair shaft so it will take some time and maybe a few processes – involving bleach!

Does bleach get rid of blue hair?

It sure does! But you should be very careful with bleaching your own hair at home, because it could damage your tresses!

If you still want to try the bleaching method, make sure to follow all safety instructions and use a high quality hair bleach.

The longer you leave the bleach in your hair, the lighter it will be when you rinse it out. Just don’t leave the bleach for too long or else it could damage your hair and scalp!

Once you’re happy with the result, wash and condition with cool water at least twice to rinse it all out.

Does hair color remover get rid of blue?

You can also try hair color remover which is gentler than bleach and might work well for you if your hair is darker.

This works by breaking down the peroxide bonds of hair dyes, allowing the color molecules to be rinsed out.

It doesn’t strip your hair like bleach but it’s not particularly effective if you’ve used semi-permanent dyes.

The quickest and safest way to remove any dye is by going to a professional hairdresser. It might cost a bit more, but they know exactly what to do and how much product they need for your hair type.

What hair dye color corrects blue?

If you want to dye your hair another color, orange is the perfect one to cancel out blue. That’s because orange is the opposite of blue tones on the hair color wheel.

Whether you’ve dyed your hair a deep violet or bright pastel baby blue, it’s simply a case of finding the equivalent color on the opposite side of the wheel.

Red and orange are opposites so you can use some reds to correct your hair color too.

hair color wheel

What color cancels out blue hair?

  • Copper
  • Ginger
  • Amber
  • Mango
  • Bright auburn
  • Vivid red

How do I go from blue hair to blonde?

How long does blue last in hair?

It’s a color that’s hard to get rid of, but it also fades fast in your hair – the irony!

It will start to go green pretty quick which is why blue is a color that needs a lot of maintenance.

If you have light hair, blue will last longer. Particularly if you’ve used darker shades like blue-black, metallic blues or pastels.

If you have dark hair, it’s more difficult for the dye to penetrate because of your natural color. That’s why blue fades fast from dark hair.

If you’ve used a semi-permanent hair dye, you can expect it to start fading after around 3 washes.

If you’ve used a permanent hair dye, it will fade after 2-3 weeks but it’s also possible that the color will darken again and stay blue for longer.

Does lemon juice get rid of blue hair?

No, it won’t work very well at all – sorry! The last thing you want is a green tinge in your hair.

If you do want to try using lemon to lighten your hair, follow these steps:

1. Start by shampooing your hair with any clarifying shampoo. The goal here is to strip off ALL the grease and grime in your hair, so you can get to those blue molecules.

2. Next, mix up a paste of lemon juice and cider vinegar and apply it from root to tip.

The acidity will help break down the molecules of dye and pigment – this may be more effective than using a clarifying shampoo alone. You can also add some salt for extra strength if needed!

3. Rinse out the lemon juice potion with cold water.

4. Use a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment to fill any gaps left behind by stripping your dye out of your hair.

Will purple shampoo get rid of blue hair?

This won’t work for blue hair in particular, but it can help you to remove green in blonde hair.

Try it for neutralising yellow tones in turquoise, aquamarine and other mermaid hair colors.

All that does is cancel out the yellow or brassy tones. It’s not going to do anything when it comes to getting rid of blue dye!

How do you fix blue hair that turns green?

Most of the time, blue hair dye will fade to green with time and washing. The best way to fix this hair dye drama is to dye it blue or green again!

You can also try toning your hair with purple shampoo. It can help to neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy tones and keep your color cool.

Hair that has turned green can also be pre-bleached before you dye it again. This makes sure your hair has the right color base to start again.

Dyeing your hair blue can be fun but it can also turn into a nightmare!

Parting words

Changing your hair color is fun and exciting, but it can be frustrating when things don’t turn out as planned. If you’re dealing with unwanted blue dye, don’t worry, there are solutions.

If you’re not in a rush to get rid of the blue dye, you can always wait it out.

Blue hair color will eventually fade on its own, especially if you shampoo it frequently and avoid hot tools. You can also use a clarifying shampoo to speed up the process.

Remember to keep your hair hydrated by using a deep conditioner or hair mask regularly.

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