How to dye your hair with tissue paper step-by-step (with pics).

tissue paper hair dye

When it comes to finding new ways to colour your hair, we’ve tried them all. The latest craze to hit TikTok and Insta is tissue paper hair dye. What?! It’s true. It seems crazy but it really works and is a great way to try some colours and have a bit of fun! Here’s everything you need to know about how to dye your hair with tissue paper!

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Can I dye my hair with tissue paper?

You can dye your hair with tissue paper but it’s more staining your hair than really dyeing it.

Unlike hair dyes and box dyes, it doesn’t contain any chemicals or alter your hair structure in any way.

It works by soaking the coloured paper in water which draws out the dye from the paper, and then soaking the ends of your hair in the mixture until it’s absorbed all the colour.

Because of this, it’s perfect for using on kids. With a bit experimenting, you can create fantastical colours, mermaids and unicorn hair without causing any damage to your child’s hair. Yippee!

How long will the colour last?

Because colouring your hair with this method is just staining the outside of your hair, it won’t last more than two washes. But this makes you free to try different colours as often as you want.

We’ve found warm colours work and stay the best- so colours like pinks, purples and reds.

Blue and green are really hard colours to get our of your hair, especially if your hair is a lighter shade like blonde. So be warned!

What do I need to dye my hair with tissue paper?

  • A large bowl
  • Hot water
  • Coloured tissue or crepe paper
  • Scissors
  • Disposable gloves
  • Teaspoon of salt

You’re ready! Here’s how to get it right step-by-step!

Step 1 : Cut up tissue paper

cut up coloured paper

First, cut up your tissue paper and place it in your bowl.

It’s not essential to cut up the paper but we found it makes it easier to mix it around in the bowl to release the colour.

If you want to dye your hair with two or more colours, stick to one bowl per colour.

Step 2: Add hot water

add hot water to paper in bowl

Now you need to add hot water to the bowl. It needs to be a generous amount, enough to cover the tissue paper and a bit more. A lot of the water will get absorbed.

Step 3: Add salt and let soak

add salt

Next, add a teaspoon of salt to the bowl and stir it well. The salt helps to draw out the colour from the paper.

Now leave it all to soak for around 5-10 mins to let the colour run out from the paper.

Step 4: Remove tissue paper

remove paper from dyed water

Now remove all the wet paper from the bowl. We squished the paper a little as we removed it to wring it out and release some more dye mixture.

You should be left with a strong coloured liquid. If it looks too watery, try adding more, fresh paper and leaving it to soak again.

Step 5: Dip your hair

dip hair ends in bowl of color to dye

Now you’re ready to dye your hair! It’s best to do this with clean, dry hair and not wet hair to let the colour really absorb.

If you’re doing the ends of your hair, the best way to apply the dye is to sit with the ends dipped into the mixture in the bowl. If you have shorter hair, you can get a friend to help you add the dye to the ends.

The idea is to stain your hair by soaking it so leave it for 10 mins or as long as your hair needs to take the colour. If you dye your hair regularly (like us!) your hair will probably take to it quickly as it will be more porous.

Step 6: Dry and style!

Once you’re happy with the level of colour, you can throw the mixture away and dry and style your hair.

DON’T SHAMPOO IT! It will wash the colour away.

Now admire your new do!

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Watch and learn: How to color hair using paper!

Parting words

If you’re looking for a new way to experiment with your hair colour, but don’t want to commit or spend too much money on permanent dye, tissue paper hair dyeing is the newest craze that’s perfect.

You can get all of the benefits and fun without having to worry about it damaging your locks!

Go ahead and give tissue paper dyeing a try.