What Are The Best Hair Colors For Green Eyes?

A knowledge of color theory is useful in many areas of life. It’s not only important for artists and interior designers, but helps us to choose the best clothing and hair color.

Most stylists of clothes and hair have a good understanding of color and its impact.

Not all colors suit every eye color, skin tone or age group. If you’re looking for the perfect hair color to make your eyes ‘pop’, we have all sorts of tips available. Complimentary colors, which lie opposite on the color wheel,  are one of the best ways to create stunning looks.


Green eyes are widely acknowledged as some of the most beautiful. You want to do everything possible to make them stand out!

It’s estimated that only 2% of people have green eyes and they come in various shades. Before considering the best hair colors, it’s best to look at whether you have blue-green eyes or light or dark eyes.

The best hair colors for green eyes include darker shades, like brown or black. This is especially true if you have paler skin.

Those with a fair skin tone and green eyes also look great with platinum blonde, ash brown, caramel and auburn locks. As you’ll see from the image below, green eyes look striking with red hair.


Black hair also contrasts well with green eyes and darker skin tones. However, you might want to try chestnut brown for something different. We also have sorts of tips to help you make this look a success.

If you have olive skin and green eyes, you might want to try toffee shades or a balayage on a medium brown base.

Want to try something more adventurous? Pink hair is also a great choice with green eyes.

Other more unusual colors that suit green eyes include Blue, Rainbow, Red, Silver and full-on Mermaid hair!

Whatever your tastes, Coloured Hair Care can offer tips on all color techniques and styles. That includes ombre, balayage, highlights, lowlights, dip dyes, and much more.

If you’re looking for the best hair colors for green eyes, why not check out our blog?