Best hair colors for beautiful blue eyes in 2023.

You’re ready to change up your style and take the plunge with a new hair color. But how do you know what hair color suits your natural coloring? We’re here with everything you need to know about how to pick the best hair colors for blue eyes.

Blue-eyed beauties, there’s no need to feel confused or overwhelmed by choosing a new hair color. Whether you want something subtle or bold, we’ve got all of the tips and tricks you’ll need right here.

So where do you start when it comes time to choose a new shade?

Well, first things first – learn about which colors work best for blue eyes!

Here are some of our favourite shades that will look great on ladies (and gents) with bright baby blues…

Best hair colours for blue eyes.

  1. Ash blonde.
  2. Silver-grey
  3. Ash brown
  4. Metallic blue
  5. Copper
  6. Chocolate brown
  7. Strawberry blonde
  8. Blonde highlights

What hair color suits blue eyes?

Blue hair, Rainbow hair, Blonde, Red, Silver and full-on Unicorn…there are over a katrillion hair colors you can choose to spice up your do.

Not to mention all the hair color techniques and styles you can do too – balayage, ombre, highlights and dip dyes, to name a few.

The choice is fabulously overwhelming!

So how do you know which colors will suit you?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the best hair color for you.

Choosing the best shade to bring out your eye color begins with knowing your undertones and whether you suit cool or warm hair colors.

Once you know that, it’s time to look at the different hair colors that will complement your natural features.

Cool skin tones have a pinkish hue, and warm skin tones have a yellow or golden hue. Undertones can be cool (green, blue, purple), warm (red, orange, yellow), or neutral (brown).

If you have cool undertones, then you’ll want to go for cool hair colors like ashy blondes, greys, deep brunettes, and black.

Warmer undertones look great with hair colors that have an orange or red base, like strawberry blondes, honey blondes, and light auburns.

Once you’ve determined your skin’s undertone, it’s time to start browsing through hair color hues!

Check out the latest looks for ideas and inspiration.

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What are warm and cool undertones?

If you’re on this page, you already know that choosing the right hair dye depends on your natural coloring.

Finding the right hair shade that will make your eyes pop takes more than picking an on-trend color that your most heart desires.


As well as your eye color, you’ll need to know if you have warm or cool undertones.

Your skin tone, natural hair color and even the color clothes you wear all come into play. These help us determine your skin tones and if warm or cool hair colors will suit blue-eyed beauties.

In the same way, we use it to get the right colors for green eyes and the perfect colors for hazel eyes too.

If you’re not sure what undertones you have, you can use our handy checklist below!

If you have warm undertones:

  • You’ll be golden, beige or olive skinned.
  • You have red tones in your hair.
  • The veins in your wrist are green.
  • You may have or have had freckles.
  • You like rich or bright shades.
  • Gold jewellery looks great on you.

If you have cool undertones:

  • You have pink, yellow or pale skin.
  • The veins in your wrist are blue.
  • You like pastel and jewel tones.
  • Yellow is unflattering to your skin.
  • Silver and pearls look great on you.
cool or warm skin tones infographic

Take the quiz!

If you’re still unsure, you can take our quick quiz to find out what hair colors will suit you!

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What hair color suits me?

What are the best hair colors for blue eyes?

Now you know if you’re warm or cool tones, here are some of the best hair shades you need in your life right now!


Ash Blonde.

ash blonde hair color instagram

Cool blonde for ice blue.

Ash is a cool blonde color with beautifully blended undertones of blue, purple and silver. 

It’s a very light and almost white shade of blonde with distinct grey undertones that make blue eye color really pop.

This particular shade’s subdued appearance makes it popular among those who want to appear more of a natural, cool blonde.

It doesn’t have to be super light, but your hair will need to have a light base color to achieve it.

Find out more about this on-trend shade in Ash blonde hair | How to get the cool blonde look at home.

Silver grey.

Screen Shot 2021 10 15 at 16.12.13

Make your eyes sparkle with silver.

Metallic colors go amazingly with blue as the shiny, shimmery tones reflect and bring out the cool color.

Silver is a great cool tone that can add depth to blonde hair and is one of the best on-trend colors that’s taken the hair world by storm this year.

If you’re darker, you’ll need to pre-lighten your hair before you can go full glistening grey.

Always talk to a hairdresser before you start bleaching you hair to determine if it’s right for you.

Check out Silver Hair | How to get the gorgeous grey look at home.

Ash brown.

ashy brown hair color instagram

Soft hues for framing those blues.

Ash Brown is a soft cool, multidimensional color that is always on-trend.

It’s s a mixture of light and dark colors. It’s more on the cool side, so it’s better for people with fair skin tones.

It’s a perfect color base for blonde and brown hair balayage and highlights which look awesome framing and highlighting those blue eyes.

It gives the best results over pre-lightened, blonde or light brown hair to achieve the ashy brown effect.

Find out if ash brown’s for you at Ash brown hair | How to get the cool brown look at home.

Metallic blue.

metallic blue hair color instagram

Cool blue vibes.

Keeping with metallics brings us to cool metallic blue.

This is the best hair color for accentuating them to the max!

Metallic blue hair color can be a great way to stand out and look amazing.

It doesn’t have to be bright, either! There are various shades of metallic blue that you can try, so find one that fits your personality best.

Blue hair is a a color that takes commitment. Once it’s in your hair, it’s really hard to get rid of, so you need to be sure it’s right for you.

Read more about it at Blue hair | How to get the statement look at home.



copper hair color instagram

Shimmer and shine with copper.

Copper hair color is a lovely shade, but just like the metal it’s named after, copper hair can be unpredictable.

It tends to turn orange as time goes on and fade out of its original reddish-brown hue. A good blue shampoo can keep copper tones in check.

Copper hair really sets off blue accents well. The warm, red, gold and tones create a heady mix of brightness.

Copper really shines on people with warm skin and light eyes. The color tends to be vivid and bright, but can appear dark as well.

Dive into this gorgeous color at Copper hair | How to get the beautiful bronze look at home.

Chocolate Brown.

chocolate brown hair color instagram

The sweetest color.

Chocolate brown hair is simply a medium-dark shade of brown.

It’s not too dark to be black, but it’s darker than red or golden-brown shades.

We heart chocolate brown as an on-trend hair color as it can make your hair appear fuller, thicker and doesn’t appear orangey when it starts to wash out.

It’s stunning alongside blue eyes as the contrast makes both your eye and hair color shine.

This is the best rich hair color for blue-eyed brunettes.

Check out this sumptuous color at Chocolate Brown Hair | How to get the luxurious look at home.

Strawberry blonde.

strawberry blonde hair color instagram

Rosy gold glints bring blue to life.

A shade lighter on the red hair spectrum is strawberry blonde.

Strawberry blonde hair color is a lovely mix between red and blonde. It’s really unique, and it looks great with cool or warm skin tones.

This is one of the best chair colors for blue eyes as it’s a subtle, golden-red that really brings out that piercing blue.

Rose gold is a variation of strawberry blonde which also works really well for cool skin tones and is hot hair trend this year.

Warm it up with honey blonde and warm, golden blonde hair colors will also look fabulous on you.

Find out more about this soft blonde shade at Strawberry Blonde | How to get the tasty look at home.

Blonde highlights.

blonde highlights instagram

Light up your life.

To put it simply, highlights are lighter strands of hair.

They’re a great way to get a color change without getting the whole head colored.

Blonde highlights are the best color for blue-eyed beauts as they lift your hair, skin tone and make you look healthy with their summery, sun-kissed vibes.

Highlighting hair is really an art and is best left to the professionals to get it right.

But if you’re feeling confident, you’ll need to get yourself a highlighting kit for hair highlights and choose from a range of hair lightener kits you can use at home.

You can read more about it at Blonde highlights | How to nail the lighter look at home.

Parting words.

So now you know how to pick a hair color that compliments your eye color.

Don’t forget, you’ll also need to consider the style of cut and texture of your hair, as well as how much time you’re willing to spend on styling it.

No matter what type of blue eyes you have, there’s at least one perfect shade for you out there!