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Coloring our hair at home is much easier than it was in the past. However, it’s still easy to make mistakes if you don’t do your research.

Hair dye as we know it has only existed since the 1800. In ancient times, plants were used to color hair, with the Egyptians using Henna as a coloring agent as early as 1500 bc. Celtic people were also known to bleach their hair by washing it in lime!

In the early 20th century a French chemist, Eugene Schueller, invented the first hair color for commercial purposes, calling  the new product ‘Aureole’. This became known by the more familiar name: L’Oréal. The first ever home dye was introduced in 1947 by the German cosmetics firm Schwarzkopf who launched what was known as, “Poly Color”.


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From on-trend hair color ideas to information on home dying, Coloured Hair Care is packed with tips. All are written by experts in the hair care industry. We love taking the risk out of DIY dying, helping you wave goodbye to bad dye jobs!


Nowadays, there are more ways than ever to color your hair. With our tips, you can achieve the latest looks at home with ease.

There’s much more to modern hair dying than lowlights or highlights, although these are still highly popular. You’ll find plenty of tips on how to achieve highlights or lowlights at home on the website.

We can help you achieve traditional techniques or newer coloring techniques such as ombré, shatush, balayage, and airtouch.

Several mistakes can cause your hair dye to look bad.

For instance, bleached hair usually needs pre-pigmentation before color is applied. Previously color treated hair can often react unpredictably with extra color treatments. It’s also important to do a      skin patch test before dying, to ensure you’re not allergic.

You’ll find a wealth of information on Colored Hair Care to prevent such issues arising.

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