Best hair colour app you need to use in 2021.

Best hair colour changing apps

Copper hair, red hair, silver hair, blonde…how often do you find yourself wondering what a sexy new hair colour would look like on you? Sounds like you need a hair colour changing app in your life.

Dyeing your hair and ramping up your wow factor can make you feel totally fabulous. But how do you know what shade will really suit you? And how on earth can you imagine it will look?

Wonder these things no more, good friends. This kind of hair style angst is why some smarty pants have invented the hair colour changing app to help us out.

app to change hair color

What is a hair colour app?

Hair colour apps are a bit like using Snapchat filters for your hair. They use clever software to superimpose new hairstyles and hair dye colours on your head and give you a virtual hair makeover using your phone or web camera.

With augmented reality tech coming on in leaps and bounds, most apps today are pretty impressive. And they’re fast becoming massively popular as a must-do before choosing a new hue for your hair.

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Which hair colour suits me?

Working out which colour, tones and shades suit you involves more than simply knowing what hair trends are happening this year.

Your natural tones including skin tone, eye colour, even the clothes you love to wear are all a factor in getting your hair on point.

Luckily we have a quiz for that! Take our quiz to find out the type of colours that will suit you. Just click on the image below!

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When should I use an app to change my hair colour?

Now you’ve taken our quiz, now you’ll know what colours you should go for that will best suit you. You’re welcome!

If you’re thinking of changing your look and want to SEE what it will a new hue will look like, that’s when you need a hair colour changing app. They’re superb for:

  • Trying a new colour without the commitment of dyeing your hair.
  • Experimenting with which colours will suit you.
  • Helping you make a decision on whether to dye your hair or not.
  • Checking out a colour you have your eye on before buying it.
  • Lots of them allow you to try out new hairstyles too.

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Which are the best change hair colour apps?

Apps that can change our appearance have come a long way – who hasn’t enjoyed seeing themselves as grannies on FaceApp! Loved that.

There are a load of different apps available to download on the App Store or Play Store for your iOS or Android device.

There are also some brilliant web apps from top hair dye brands themselves that can change your style with a mouse click or two. They’re super useful but they’re also so much fun!

As the coloured hair experts, we’re here to tell you which apps to change your hair colour you need in your life!

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Best hair colour changing apps

AppLooks likeBest forGet it now
PicsArt Photo Studio hair colour changing appTrying out bright colours and pastels.
Modiface Hair Color hair colour changing appAll over hair colour changes.
Hair Colour Booth Appbest hair colour changing appsLighter hair.
Style My Hair Appbest hair colour changing appsFinding hair colours and salons.
Facetune2 Apphair colour changing appTotal editing for selfie addicts.


Modiface Hair Color App.

modiface hair color app

Best app for: All over hair colour changes.

This is a great app for changing up your all-over colour. Simple and intuitive to use, it scans your face and detects your hair for easy colour testing! There are loads of free shades available and the Pro version gives you a few more. This is a great little tool for playing with all over hair dye effects in real-time.

#1 PicsArt Photo Studio App.

They say:

  • PicsArt is a leading all-in-one image editing app and creative community.
  • Thousands of powerful editing features.
  • You can make amazing images, collages and drawings, and remix photos with friends.

Reviewers say:

“I love this hair colour change app. It’s so easy to tweak your pictures and add stickers and fix uneven skin, change your hair and even add makeup!”

“I love using this app to change my hair colour because of the intensely vibrant hues, filters, and effects it offers. I love playing about with different shades. Plus…it’s FREE!”

We say:

This is a picture editing tool that does so much more than just change the colour of your hair. It doesn’t use live images, you’ll have to upload an image of yourself and edit it with the many colours, tools and tricks on offer. And there are loads of bright colours to play with that are bang on trend this year.

Downsides? There are loads of ads on the free version and it can be tricky to master. But they do have an excellent website with loads of tutorials and extra info to help you learn to use it like a pro.

Best app for: Trying out bright colours and pastels.

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#2 Modiface Hair Color App.

modiface best hair color change app

They say:

  • Try a brand new hair colour virtually in just seconds.
  • See the effects applied live on yourself or applied to your photo.

Reviewers say:

“The technology behind this is mind blowing! The photos before and after my hair look real! I have even fooled a couple of my friends into thinking I went full unicorn!”

“All the other apps just let you “paint” a colour on your hair, this is true live hair detection with instant colour changing. Amazing!”

“I played around with various shades and lighting to get the best true colour. It really helped me make up my mind by seeing exactly what I’d look like if I decided to go silver.”

We say:

This is a great app for changing your all-over hair colour. Simple and intuitive to use, it scans your face and detects your hair for easy colour changing! Just click on the colour you want to try and admire.

There are loads of free colours and the premium version gives you a few more. There are lots of reviews that mention lagging but that’s something that will really depend on the strength of your internet connection. This is a great little tool for all over hair colour effects in real time.

Best app for: All over hair colour changes.

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#3 Hair Colour Booth App.

color booth hair app

They say:

  • Super realistic hair colouring.
  • Loads of hair colour shades (if you pay)
  • Social media sharing.
  • Colour strength controls including smoothing and translucency!

Reviewers say:

“I love this hair dye app! It helped me decide on dying my hair purple. The directions were very clear in my opinion.”

“I’ve been trying to imagine different looks for myself and wanted an app that would allow me to do all-over colours. This walks you through how to use it very well.”

“I got the chance to try out a bunch of fab colours before actually dying my hair. I love this app. I would recommend it to anyone.”

We say:

This one is not the best but it is worth trying out if you have lighter coloured hair. The free hair colours you’re given are limited to purple, red and blue, and you’ll need to pay to unlock the larger colour palette.

With this app, you have to colour your hair manually from a photo. It’s easy enough to do and the results are quite effective if you just want to test lowlights or dipped ends. The downside is it doesn’t work well on dark hair. So go for this app if your hair is lighter and you fancy a change.

Best app for: Lighter hair.

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#4 Style My Hair App by L’Oreal.

loreal style my hair color app

They say:

  • L’Oréal Professionnel’s 3D hair colour changing app will help you make your vivid dreams a reality.
  • The 3D technology follows the natural flow of your hair, making it easy for you to decide which colour is right for you.
  • You can also share the result with all of your friends.

Reviewers say:

“I’m a beauty junkie, and I love trying different hair colours on this app. It gives me some neat ideas so when I go into the salon, I have a better idea of the colour I want!”

“I love this app for seeing colour on my actual hair!!! So much fun, I used to help me pick out my new style and was able to save the image so I could keep looking at it. Great app!”

We say:

This is a fab app by L’Oreal has been designed to help stylists with their client consultations, so we had high hopes. It’s purely for trying out new colours, you can’t give yourself a new hairstyle too.

You can change your hair ‘live’ with a good range of colours – from blonde and brown shades to reds and coppers, to colourful shades of pinks and purples. You can even try ombré or balayage looks. It’s a bit glitchy in places and you’re ‘encouraged’ to find a salon a bit too often, but it still has a load of great features.

Best app for: Finding hair colours and salons.

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#5 Facetune2 App

facetune 2 app for hair color

They say:

  • Facetune2 is the next generation photo editing software.
  • New, amazing collection of the best pro retouching features.
  • Powerful tools to perfect every photo or selfie.
  • Colour over grey hair, remove stray hairs
  • Use the photos for your professional profile or simply sharing online with friends.

Reviewers say:

“Amazing app. Great features. Expensive. But still a bargain. I look like a rockstar when I retouch a picture!”

“This is by far the best hair app I have ever used! You can literally do ANYTHING to your selfies, to achieve whatever exact desired effect you wish. Even my less flattering selfies come out ravishing.”

“Every salon and hairstylist needs this app!!! I use it for fun and to play with colours and styles. I get to do all of that for free which is great. The vip is a bit expensive, but you don’t need to have that.”

We say:

Facetune2 is the new and improved version of the award-winning Facetune app. This version is packed with even more tools and ways to beautify yourself and gives everything that was paid for on the first Facetune for free.

While there isn’t a Hair tool in Facetune2, you can revamp your colour using the Paint tool. Paint on any colour on your hair that you like, live, and it looks amaze.

You’ll need to subscribe to unlock all of the features but you can play with colours in the free version and there are some great tutorials on Youtube. If you’re a selfie addict who posts a lot on social, it’s a worth the monthly bill.

Best app for: Total editing for selfie addicts.

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Modiface Hair Color App.

modiface hair color app

Best app for: All over hair colour changes.

This is a great app for changing your all-over hair colour. Simple and intuitive to use, it scans your face and detects your hair for easy colour changing! There are loads of free colours and the premium version gives you a few more. This is a great little tool for all over colour effects in real time.

Parting words

So, if you’re feeling a little lost in the world of hair colour and want to try something different but unsure where to start or what will suit your skin tone best, download one of these apps.

If you can’t quite figure out what colour suits your personality, try downloading one of these apps and experimenting with different colours before committing for good.

You might be surprised at how much better it makes you feel about yourself when you know exactly which shade will suit you best!

The next time you want some fresh locks or just need a quick update with your current dye job, give one of these hair colour apps a go!