How To Bleach Your Hair At Home

Did you know, Marilyn Monroe was actually a bottle-blonde?

The author Pamela Keogh, claimed that Marilyn Monroe had her hair bleached every three weeks. This obviously wasn’t great for keeping it in good condition! However, she also used baby powder on her roots, so she didn’t have to wash it so often.

Many other modern celebrities have dabbled with bleached hair, including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and many more. This look has also become popular with men over the past few years. It’s often associated with the alternative scene, with figures like Kurt Cobain having had bleached hair.

Bleaching can be done alone, or combined with a toner as a step towards further hair coloring. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it can make hair seem thicker.

Bleached hair is often considered as the ultimate blonde look, and it can be achieved at home- if you take the right steps! Otherwise, bleaching can seem like a massive gamble.


If you’re planning on bleaching your hair, it’s important to have a lifestyle which helps to keep it in the best possible condition. 

With hair salons more expensive than ever, you might be considering doing your dye job at home. In the US, it usually costs between around $60 and $200 depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

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Colored Hair Care has plenty of expert information on how to bleach your hair at home. 

Whether you want to go pure blonde or have a mixture of colors, we help you to achieve the look you want. Our blogs include those on how to get the perfect ratio of bleach to developer.

We not only have tips on how to bleach hair at home, but how to keep your hair soft and silky. After all, bleaching can be tough on the condition of your locks. Frizziness is strongly associated with this type of dye!

The quality of the bleach will make a difference to the final result, as will following the instructions as carefully as possible. If you’ve never done it before, you might also want to talk to a colorist to get it right.

If you’re wondering how to bleach hair at home, check out our beginners’ tips