The Professional Perspective on coloured hair care.

What advice do the professionals have to give us about coloured hair care?

We asked salon owner Paul Letts the all-important questions to get a professional’s perspective on how we can look after our luscious locks.

Paul started out in the salons of London after cutting his teeth (and other people’s hair) at the prestigious Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy. Yes, he has cut the hair of famous people! But he’s too discreet to tell us who! 

After starting a family, he moved to Hertfordshire 9 years ago to open his first salon. Business is booming but we managed to grab him for a chat about all things bright and beautiful in hairland.

What do you think are the biggest hair colour mistakes that people make?

The biggest mistake people make is leaving it to the salon to look after their hair. I have clients that expect us to work miracles with hair that they’re not looking after after they leave our salon. 

Having great hair is an investment of time and care. Your hairdresser can make it look great after a few hours in the chair, but how healthy it is and how amazing your colour keeps is down to you. 

Tell us your top five tips for looking after coloured hair.

  1. Use products that are made for coloured hair. Better yet- use the ones your hairdresser recommends to you. They know what they’re talking about!
  2. Keep your hair regularly trimmed, whatever the length. Even if you are growing your hair, it needs regular trims to keep it in good condition.
  3. Use a hair mask once a week. Or a deep conditioning treatment. Again, whatever your salon recommends is the best – if you go there regularly, they will know your hair.
  4. Moisturise your hair as often as possible- sprays, oils, find whatever works for you and your hair. Colouring makes your hair so dry and prone to breakage so moisturising it is a must.
  5. Don’t shampoo often. Use gentle products that bring life to your colour, not strip it out.

What surprises you the most about the way your clients treat their hair?

Again, just generally not looking after it surprises me. Why wouldn’t you? It’s such a big part of how you look and feel about yourself. Abusing your hair with straighteners and products that aren’t right for your colour is sheer madness. 

Clients are surprised when I tell them off but they know I have their best interests at heart. Coloured hair is fragile and needs to be treated with care. 

What are the best products you’d recommend for keeping coloured hair beautiful?

I only recommend what I stock in my salon. For coloured hair it’s always anything Aveda as it’s natural and gives gorgeous results for both coloured and non-coloured hair. 

Nice one Paul. Thanks for letting us pick your brains. Now go on tell us, who are your famous clients…