The Expert Opinion on coloured hair care.

expert tells us how to look after coloured hair

What advice do the professionals have to give about looking after our coloured hair? Professional hair colourist, hairdresser and all over bundle of energy Elena Rossi has been colouring clients’ hair for over 20 years both in her salon and as a mobile hairdresser working all over Surrey. We asked her for some of her …

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The best conditioner for coloured hair 2022.

lady needs best conditioners for coloured hair

Which is the best conditioner for coloured hair? It goes without saying that coloured hair needs extra care. Hair dye, while making your hair look totally fabulous, can also really dry and damage your hair if you don’t look after it well. Teamed with the right shampoo, colour-safe conditioners can help to bring your frazzled …

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The best shampoo for coloured hair in 2022.

best shampoo for coloured hair

What is the best shampoo for coloured hair? Whether it’s permanent, semi-permanent, temporary, red, silver, black or blue…hair dye and hair colour will always fade with time. How long your hair dye job lasts depends on how you treat it in the days and weeks after it’s beautified your hair. That means only using the …

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Hello Coloured Hair Care!

coloured hair care tips

Let’s face it. Colouring your hair is bad for it and there’s no getting away from it.

How do you keep your hair looking healthy, your colour looking vibrant and lasting longer?

That’s where we come in.