How to use a shampoo bar for coloured hair.

how to use a shampoo bar

There’s a current craze for planet-friendly, penny-saving, gloss making shampoo bars on the scene. But how do you even use a shampoo bar? And are shampoo bars safe for coloured hair?

Slowly but surely, an exciting new revolution in coloured hair care is creeping up on us. They’re firm, they’re pretty, they smell out of this world – welcome the shampoo bar! It’s official. Shampoo bars can outlive your favourite coloured hair shampoos by three bottles!

We’re here with everything you need to know about these small but perfectly formed miracles and how to use shampoo bars in a way that works for you.

best shampoo bar for coloured hair

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What is a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are nifty little blocks of wonder that look just like soap. They’re not soap because they contain loads of lush making ingredients for you hair and are not drying like soap bars for your skin can be.

Most shampoo bars boast all-natural ingredients with no chemicals or nasties like sulphates that strip your colour and damage your locks. Their sophisticated ingredients are high on quality and luxury and produce wonderful, natural perfumes that smell amazing too.

You can even make them yourself!

Why should I use a shampoo bar?

There are lots of benefits for using shampoo bars for dyed hair in place of your normal colour shampoo – at home or while travelling.


  • They’re a compact size and handy to carry around to work, the gym and on your travels.
  • They contain no nasty chemicals or additives.
  • Some can be used on your body.
  • They’re eco-friendly with no plastic packaging.
  • They’re budget friendly too.
  • They last so much longer than bottle shampoos.


  • It can take some time for your hair to adjust to using it.
  • Some have a waxy consistency which can build up in your hair.
  • They can cause tangles in very long or fine hair.
  • They can leave you hair with a ‘coated’ feeling.
how to use a shampoo bar for coloured hair

Are shampoo bars safe for colour treated hair?

Absolutely! In fact, they’re safer for coloured hair than most ordinary shampoos.

They’re bursting with natural oils, which help condition your hair, and are typically free of sulphates which are the paint strippers for your colour. Shampoo bars are super kind to your colour while cleansing your hair and that’s why we adore them.

Which is the best shampoo bar for coloured hair?

We are totally in love with the Shine On range from Bath, Bubble & Beyond as they’re made especially for coloured, heat damaged hair. You can find out more in Best shampoos bars for coloured hair.

Shine On – Treated Coloured Processed Hair Shampoo Bar.

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Shine On are a gorgeous range of shampoo bars in all kinds of smells and colours all wrapped up in stylish packaging that also make great gifts. Best of all, they really work! And that’s why the reviews are awesome too.

how to use a shampoo bar for coloured hair

How do I use a shampoo bar?

So now we’ll get down to how to use a shampoo bar on your colour treated hair for the best results. It’s easy! Just follow our step-by-step guide.

STEP ONE: Wet your hair.

Shampooing your hair starts with getting your hair wet! Step in the shower and soak your locks.

STEP TWO: Massage through.

It’s time to lather up. Grab your soap and start to rub it through your hair to foam it up. Once you have a decent amount of suds, massage it through your hair to get every strand clean.

STEP THREE: Rinse and repeat!

Because you’re only washing your coloured hair once a week – as instructed in How to look after coloured hair and keep it looking fabulous! – you’ll need to give it two shampoos to cut through the grease and grime that will have built up in a week.

The next wash should lather up even more. Then rinse until the water runs clean.

STEP FOUR: Condition and nourish your hair.

After you’ve used your shampoo bar, your hair will still need a great conditioner to keep it moisturised and help keep the tangles away and the colour locked in.

Kerastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique

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STEP FIVE: Protect your bar.

Without a bottle to protect it and keep it fresh, your shampoo bar will need some protective packaging to stop it drying out. These eco-friendly containers are perfect for that and come in a range of great colours Ethique Eco-Friendly in-Shower Storage Container.

Pack it away and you’re done! That’s how you use a shampoo bar for coloured hair!

How to use a shampoo bar and why it’s better for you and the planet.


These clever little bars are very versatile. If you want a deep cleanse, use more of the shampoo bar and really work it through. If you want a milder wash, just use less!

Rinse it well so you’re not left with any residue on your hair.

If you don’t fancy rubbing it straight onto your hair, you can soap it up in your hands first and then apply it to your hair with your hands.

Don’t expect it to lather up as much as your regular shampoo, that doesn’t mean that the natural ingredients aren’t getting to work.

It’s a completely new formula for your hair that’s used to harsh chemicals, so it’ll take a while to get used to and for the benefits to really show. Stick with it and be patient! You’ll never look back.

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