How to do a keratin treatment at home.

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If you’re looking to restore and replenish your colour treated tresses, a keratin treatment at home can work wonders.

What’s amazing about keratin treatments is not just that they transform your dry, colour-damaged hair into silky smooth tresses, they also help you to control your hair better in the months that it lasts – cutting down styling time, products and frizz management.

That’s why we’re here to guide you through how to do a keratin treatment at home!

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What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein that makes up the main structure of your hair and skin. It acts as a natural, protective shield against heat, humidity and frizz. Over time, the hair loses keratin from things like dyeing and straightening your hair, but also from exposure to the sun and weather and life. 

What is a keratin treatment?

In a nutshell, keratin treatments (aka Brazillian blow dry) work by filling the broken bonds in your hair with keratin goodness and then you seal it in with straightening irons. It’s a lengthy process, (and expensive if you’re getting a professional to do it for you) but when it’s done, you’ll have silky straight and smooth hair that should last for up to 3 months. 

Are keratin treatments safe for coloured hair?

Keratin is perfectly safe to use on coloured hair and a long-lasting way to lock the colour and shine in.

The treatments are usually made up of a chemical like formaldehyde (which creates the long-lasting smoothing effect), conditioners, and keratin.

There was a point not long ago where people got scared of the amount of chemicals in keratin treatments, but since then there are a lot more products available that aren’t so harsh on coloured hair.

Can I do keratin treatments at home?

It’s a good idea to get your keratin treatment done at the salon as a) the professionals have done this many times before, and b) it’s quite a laborious process, especially at the straightening stage, so it’s a much nicer experience to have this done to you while you get on with drinking tea and reading a mag.

HOWEVER, we appreciate that there are times when you’ll need or want to DIY your keratin treatment at home.

So let’s take those six steps to smooth hair heaven and let us show you how to do a keratin treatment at home.


Colour your hair BEFORE the treatment.

Keratin treatments are great for locking colour in and restoring shine. The keratin seals your hair shaft and forms a protective layer over it, so you need to make sure your colour is in BEFORE you do the treatment not afterwards. 

We recommend waiting at least a week after your colour has been put in to do your keratin treatment at home to make sure it’s really set and the first wash is out of the way. 

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Which is the best at-home keratin treatment?

Some keratin treatments contain formaldehyde, however there are many on the market today that don’t. ALWAYS check the label and know what you’re putting on your hair.

We’re choosing a formaldehyde-free formula that has excellent reviews on Amazon, social channels full of tips and tricks and was our fave in Best keratin treatments your coloured hair needs today

COCOCHOCO Gold Hair Treatment

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COCOCHOCO Gold Hair Treatment is a premium hair treatment whose advanced, keratin-based  process will give your hair a smooth, straight, and glossy look.

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What you’ll need:

  • Clarifying shampoo to remove dirt, debris and styling products from your hair. 
  • Hair straighteners that can heat up to at least 185 degrees.
  • A hair dryer with both medium and high heat settings.
  • Butterfly clips to hold upper sections of hair in place while you straighten the under-layers.
  • A plastic bowl and brush (optional) to pour COCOCHOCO Gold Hair Treatment into for ease of application.
  • A wide-tooth comb to separate hair sections and remove knots after shampooing.
  • A mask for the fumes if not included (it isn’t always).
  • A friend to help straighten your hair/amuse you (optional).

Set the scene.

You’re going to need to set aside anywhere between 2.5-3 hours to get this do a keratin treatment at home from start to finish. So make sure you’ve got the time, and the patience. 

Although our chosen keratin treatment is formaldehyde free, it still contains magic-making chemicals that work wonders on repairing your hair, but don’t half pong. So make sure the room you apply it in is well ventilated.

Step one: Wash your hair

Wash your hair TWICE with Clarifying Shampoo, to make sure all dirt and debris is removed. This makes sure the keratin treatment can really get into the fabric of your hair and fortify the bonds. Then, you rinse and towel dry. Easy so far!

Step two: Dry your hair

Blow-dry your hair on a medium heat until it’s completely dry. You don’t need to worry about products or styling it. The point of this step is to make sure your hair is completely moisture free so that the keratin treatment has no barriers to penetrate your hair.

Step three: Prepare the treatment

Comb your hair thoroughly and shake the product well before use. Pour it into your bowl. 

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Step four: Apply the treatment

Brush the Brazilian Keratin Treatment onto sections of hair (avoiding the scalp) and comb out the excess. Don’t worry if your eyes start watering! Leave this on for 10 minutes (enough time for that cup of tea!).

Step five: When your 10 minutes is up, blow-dry your hair again, without styling or using products, on a MEDIUM heat until completely dry. You should already start to feel the difference in the texture of your hair. Exciting!

Step five: Straighten your hair (a lot!)

The COCOCHOCO GOLD instructions say: ‘Using hair straighteners set at 220°C or 430°F, straighten the hair up to 5 times to seal in the treatment.’ 

This is the part of the process where the hair shaft is sealed, and the new proteins that are restoring your hair start to get locked in with the irons. This is where you may want some help for the hard to reach areas.

We found the 185 degree heat of our ghds was hot enough and we wouldn’t have liked to go any hotter on our colour-treated hair. It’s a real arm-ache straightening your hair five times! 

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We divided our hair into sections using the clips. With shoulder-length, thick hair, this was about 8 sections. We worked through each section, straightening it five times each. A heat proof glove would have been useful as our hair got very hot to touch which meant we had to keep stopping!

Depending on the length and the thickness of your hair, the treatment and its application can take anywhere from an hour and a half to up to three hours. It took us two and a half with shoulder-length hair but we were extra thorough on the straightening part.

Step six: Be amazed!

ADMIRE and BE AMAZED! What keeps you going with the straightening is that you can see and feel the results straight away. Our hair is so much smoother, shinier and glossier than it ever is when we straighten it. Our colour just seemed to pop more and your hair feels healthy and like new.

Watch the professionals in action.

How do I look after my keratin treated hair?

You cannot wash or tie your hair up for 3 days after the treatment. If hair gets wet, you must re-straighten it. Buy a shower cap! When you do wash it, use a sulphate-free shampoo.

Long lasting results.

Our hair had a glossy sheen that lasted well after the first wash.

We loved doing the keratin treatment at home as we didn’t have to be so thorough with our straighteners again. In fact, we used them a lot less as our hair stayed straight and smooth for weeks. 

The results began to fade after a month or so but were still evident after two months and our hair still looked smoother if not as colour bright as ever.

We wouldn’t recommend doing this more than 2-3 times a year because of the chemical processing involved, although the results are fantastic. 

COCOCHOCO Gold Keratin Treatment.

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