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Ahh we love our straighteners. Smooth-making, gloss-tempting hot tongs of heaven that make us feel as fabulous as our coloured hair looks. Which straighteners you use can also make a huge difference to the life of your hair colour. We put the best hair straighteners for coloured hair to the test in our in-depth, ghd gold styler spotlight review.

Which is the best straightener for coloured hair? 

As we most brilliantly informed you in How to use straighteners with coloured hair, using heat stylers with coloured hair are good-to-go as long as you care for your hair lovingly and properly to reduce any damage and prevent any fade. 

Straighteners that are too hot will wash out your colour, too cool and you’ll just be ripping and stretching your hair to try and get it silky straight. 

Dyson is trying to break into the market with a cordless lady that is hot on the heels of our trusty ghds the Dyson Corrale. Looks interesting. And Cloud Nines come a very close second if you want a temperature controlled flat iron.

But for now, we’re sticking with ghds as the best all-rounder for regular hot hair styling fun.

ghd gold styler review

Which is the best ghd straightener?

The Original, the Max Styler, the Gold, the Platinum+? 

We don’t blame you for being bamboozled. ghd really is at the forefront of heat styling technology. You can expect every new range ghd brings out to be an exciting evolution of the last.

So things like heat proof casing, lighter models, moisture sensitive plates and heat intelligent tech are all becoming standard. 

Are the new generations always an improvement? 

For us, ghd struck gold with their er…Gold Styler. All other models after it haven’t quite lived up to the hype or justified spending the extra bucks for not that much more bang. We love ghd Platinum+ too but it fell short of perfect in our review/battle of ghd gold styler vs platinum plus.

Besides, all we really want is to be able to style our coloured locks without frying them. 

Why do we love the ghd Gold Styler Professional Straighteners so much? Let’s find out in our Spotlight Review! 

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ghd Gold Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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The colours. 

The ghd Gold Styler doesn’t come in as many gorgeous colours as the Platinum or Platinum+ range but oooooooh boy, we are so in love these new Moon Silver ghd editions that we just don’t care. 

ghd gold styler review

The spec.

  • Variable temperature control: No
  • Cordless: No
  • Cable length: 2.7m swivel cord
  • Dimensions: H33 x W12 x D9 cm
  • Weight: 712g
  • Accessories included: Protective plate guard

ghd say:

  • The ghd Gold professional styler transforms your beauty regime and leaves you with glamorous, healthy-looking hair.
  • It has dual-zone technology, an advanced heat sensor on each plate to maintain the ideal styling temperature of 185ºC constantly.
  • They have a speedy heat-up time of 25 seconds and an automatic sleep mode that turns them off after 30 minutes of non-use.

The design.  

The first thing you notice is that the design is top notch. It’s got the smoothest edges to glide through your hair and it’s just the right width so that you don’t end up with hair getting caught up and in the way. 

It’s not as heavy as some other straighteners so you can avoid the arm ache that comes with straightening your hair for long periods.

Designed to style the best do’s.  

The cord is a good length to be able to move freely, that’s another reason why these are the hairdressers’ favourites that you see in salons throughout the land. 

ghd gold styler review

The heat.

The important thing about these that make them perfect for coloured hair is the temperature. 

It’s deliberately set at 185 degrees which ghd sets as the optimum temperature to not scald your hair shafts and burn out your colour. 

They get hot though that’s for sure. And your hand will get too hot after a while if you have long, thick hair that takes a lot of straightening. 

But we love that the lack of temperature control means we can’t get it wrong and hurt our colour. 

The performance.

It heats up quick in 25 secs and has the automatic sleep technology all ghds straighteners come with that means it turns itself off if you’re not using it (no more rushing back to the house in a moment of panic to check yes, you DID turn them off. Phew). 

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Super smooth and shiny strands.  

The Gold Stylers are easy on our colour and make our hair easy on the eye. Whether you have thick, medium or fine hair, the ghd Gold Stylers work a treat in giving you sleek straight locks without frazzling them to bits.

How long you have to go over each section of hair depends on the thickness and condition of your hair. But it took us around 20 minutes to transform our shoulder length, medium wavy hair into poker straight silk.

ghd gold styler review

The styling.

The ghd Gold Stylers are also our faves as they’re the perfect size, shape and weight to do more than just use them for straightening. 

Their narrow shape means you’ll get a nice, tight curl or try a stylish flick out at the ends. 

We found the latest beach wave style that’s all over the catwalks a doddle to do (after watching one of ghds many ‘How to’ films that is). 

The verdict.

The ghd gold styler really is the jewel in the crown and was a pleasure to review. It’s the straightener that all straighteners want to be. Ghd are to straighteners what Dyson is to vacuum cleaners (and hair dryers, see our Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review).

Overall, yes, the ghd Gold Stylers are pricey but they are a quality investment and they work, and for ages. Our old ghd hair straighteners are still going after 10+ years!

You don’t realise how much difference a new set of straighteners can make to the colour, volume and vitality of your hair, until you get some. 

And get them in Moon Silver *swoon*

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