When it comes to looking after your coloured hair, it’s an absolute must to choose your styling tools carefully. In The best hair dryers for coloured hair 2021, we reviewed all the best hairdryers for keeping your coloured hair perfectly protected and glossily groomed. The stand out best hair dryer by far was the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Now we’re here with an in-depth review to tell you what makes this little beauty a must-have in your life today!

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What is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer?

Dyson Supersonic Iron/Fuschia with stand.

For us, and many others as a quick Google will tell you, the Dyson Supersonic is a state-of-the-art hair dryer that has redefined the blow drying market and created a league of its own when it comes to preserving hair colour and keeping hair healthy.

This is more than a hair dryer.

At around a few hundred pounds or dollars, it’s understandably a lot of dosh to part with if all it’s doing is drying your hair, right? WRONG! This is not a hair dryer, this is an investment.

The Dyson Supersonic will give you the healthier hair you’ve always wanted. The long-lasting colour you wished for and the beautifying gadget of your dreams. It has been around for a while now but no one else has come close to creating such a feat of engineering and design that is as good for our colour-worn hair.

It has just won ‘Best Hair Dryer’ in the Marie Claire Hair Awards 2020. It has an average 4.7 review rating from over 2328 reviews across the web.

It sounds too good to be true but in our opinion, the Dyson Supersonic is still the best hair dryer money can buy. One of our reviewers said that you don’t realise how much difference having a high-end hair dryer for your hair makes until you try one. And it’s true.

dyson supersonic hair dryer review

This is an innovative breakthrough.

There were 103 engineers involved in the creation of the Supersonic hair dryer, which included the taming of over 1,010 miles of hair tresses and 7,000 tests as teams tackled three core issues: noise, weight and speed. They spent £50 million in development.


In the name of giving you all the information you need to know to make sure that this is a purchase worth making, and why this is a must for those of us with coloured hair, we’ve put together a comprehensive, Spotlight Review.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

The spec.

  • Power: 1600AW
  • Airflow: 41l/s
  • Cable length: 2.8m
  • Weight: 0.66kg
  • Height: 245mm
  • Length: 97mm
  • Width: 78mm

The Look and Feel.

We’re reviewing the gorgeous Iron/Fuschia version and even unboxing it is a luxurious experience! It looks stunning and gives us the feels in the same way we fawned over our first iPhone. It feels…quality.

The hair dryer itself weighs less than 1lb so it’s light to hold.

The handle isn’t contoured or ergonomic as other hair dryers and the motor is ingeniously in the handle which makes it feel more study in our hands. Our curly haired reviewer was glad for no more achy wrists.

The ‘styling concentrator’ (the hole bit) looks futuristically cool and although this hairdryer had been around a few years, the award-winning design has stood the test of time.

In the box.

The Iron/Fuchsia (standard), Black/Purple and Black/Nickel Supersonic hair dryers all arrive with the hair dryer itself, plus the following MAGNETIC accessories:

  • Styling concentrator – a slim nozzle that controls the airflow to dry your hair one section at a time.
  • Smoothing nozzle – directs gentle, low-velocity airflow to dry and style your hair simultaneously 
  • Diffuser – for enhancing and controlling curls, helping to reduce frizz and improve definition and sass.

The Cable.

Cable length is very important if you don’t want to have to move your mirror closer to a socket (or vice versa). Of course, Dyson have thought of everything and it comes with a very respectable and practical 2.8m length.

The Controls.

The controls are little stainless steel buttons around the edge that are intuitive to use and light up to let you know what setting you’re on in another great design detail.

The Dyson Supersonic has three speed settings – High, Medium and Low – (for diffusing) and four heat settings, ranging from 28°C (constant cold) to 100°C (for fast drying and styling).

The cool shot (28°C) is essential for those of us with coloured hair to seal our strands and give them gloss.

range of dyson supersonic colors

The Power.

We wondered – is it called Supersonic because we’ll have to hold onto our extensions while it blasts a jet stream of hot hair at our faces?

The answer is no. It’s powerful yes, but it uses ‘intelligent heat control’ to measure the air temperature every 20 seconds to dry your hair without blowing you away.

The Speed.

Dyson claim it’s six times faster than other hair dryers. We found it dried our hair on average 33% quicker than the time it would normally take us to dry our hair. And this was across thick, fine and curly hair.

The Noise.

Thanks to the Dyson engineering wizardry, it’s not a noisy hair dryer.

It’s 1200W power was much less than the other Best Hair Dryers 2021 we reviewed. The Supersonic is cleverly designed to make heat go where it’s needed so it doesn’t need to blast our poor fragile locks.

dysone supersonic hair dryer accessories

The Attachments.

The Dyson Supersonic comes with a range of attachments, most of which have been re-engineered since the dryer’s initial launch.

  • Styling concentrator – a slim nozzle that controls the airflow to dry your hair one section at a time.
  • Smoothing nozzle – directs gentle, low-velocity airflow to dry and style your hair simultaneously 
  • Diffuser – for enhancing and controlling curls, helping to reduce frizz and improve definition and sass.

Each of these attachments are magnetic so they are easy to put on-and-offable and they rotate to point at any angle you so wish.

The Performance.

This is the crunch of our Dyson Supersonic hair dryer review. The ‘What’s in it for me?’. Why is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, the best hair dryer for our coloured hair?

Firstly, thanks to the heat technology (that blows our minds as well as our hair), you don’t have to spend as long drying your hair. Which is obviously better for it. And this is even with using it on a cooler setting.

You won’t need it at its hottest temperature except maybe in an emergency (or if you spill wine on your lap). And even then, this isn’t the ‘extreme heat’ that other hair dryers burn the tops of our ears with.

The styling concentrator is excellent because it directs a stream of air just where you need it to be.

We found it easy to dry our hair in sections without the section we’ve just finished getting all messed up (watch the video above for a demo). This would probably be the attachment we would leave on the most.

The diffuser attachment has longer prongs that got close to closer to the roots and although took a while to dry on a cooler setting, the result was worth it for curly hair with extra definition and bounce.

The verdict.

If you have short hair, this might be overkill and your money might be better spent elsewhere. But if you have mid to long, and especially coloured hair, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is worth the investment if you care about your hair.

There is even a 23.75 Karat Gold version!

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

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