Blonde hair with dark roots | 2021 On-trend ideas and inspiration.

blonde hair with dark roots

The fashion world is a constant whirlwind of trends and ideas. One trend that’s stolen our hearts (and heads) lately is blonde hair with dark roots.

It’s a super sassy look that has been spotted on celebrities like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez. It gives the illusion of thicker, longer hair while still maintaining a natural look. But how do you get this grunge goddess style? And will it suit you?

We’ve put together some tips for you to achieve this style at home!

What is blonde hair with dark roots?

The blonde hair with dark roots trend has been all over our instagram and pinterest recently, and we’re obsessed!

Hair with blonde tips and dark roots is an effortless, grown-out style that looks like a natural vibe rather than something you did on purpose.

This on-trend idea is a great alternative to ombre or balayage highlights because it’s low maintenance, modern looking, easy to style using heat tools (if you want), and looks good on most skin tones.

The new edgy hair trend involves having blonde ends to your brown or black hair. OR brown or dark roots to your blonde hair!

If your hair is blonde, when your roots start to peek through because of lightening or time, you often see blonde hair with dark roots.

It looks incredible with all kinds of blonde shades and tones – from caramel blonde, platinum blonde, honey blonde and even dirty blonde!

It’s a great hairstyle for growing out ombre, balayage and highlights too.

Check out the latest looks for ideas and inspiration.

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Is blonde hair with dark roots the same as ombre?

Ombre is a version of blonde hair with dark roots.

Ombre style is where a band of lighter blonde around the end of your hair and a darker, more natural colour on top.

So what do you call blonde hair with dark roots?

Shadow root, sombre, root blur and root smudge are all variations of blonde hair with dark roots.

Blonde hair with dark roots is best for

  • Growing out highlights
  • Making hair appear thicker
  • Low maintenance look
  • Adding depth and dimension to blonde hair
  • Lightening up dark hair

Can I get blonde hair with dark roots at home?

It’s easy to go blonde with dark roots at home if you’re already blonde – dyed or otherwise.

You may think the best way is to let your roots grow out and let your natural colour show through.

But this really will look like you haven’t got time to go to the salon.

Far better is to use hair dye to create the shadow root effect. This will make it appear softer, smudgier and a more deliberate style.

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white blonde hair with dark roots 2
caramel blonde hair with dark roots 3

How do you blend dark roots with blonde hair?

Step one: Choose your hair dye

To achieve this look, we’ll need to dye your hair darker at the roots. Simple!

The best idea is to choose a hair dye colour close to your natural colour.

There are hair dyes specifically for root touch-ups but don’t be limited by them. Far better to get the colour right and you’ll have more choice with regular box dyes.

If you’re naturally blonde or light brown, go a shade or two darker to create that dark/light contrast.

Brown hair dyes tend to come up darker so be careful which one you choose. Always consult the colour chart on the box to match it to your natural colour.

If your hair is brunette, grey or darker – add some richness or tone to your hair with chocolate brown, chestnut or dark ash brown hair dye.

Step two: Apply it to your roots

Here you’ll need a hairdresser tint brush to get the application just right.

Using vertical strokes, apply the hair dye from your roots down.

The idea is to blend the colour into the blonde so make some sweeping strokes a bit longer than others.

Dab the brush at your roots to fully saturate them. This is where the colour should be darkest.

If you’re doing your roots for the first time, take a light touch and don’t go crazy.

You can always add more dye later if the results are too subtle. But you can’t remove it as easily!

blonde hair lady dyes her roots dark

Step 3: Leave to develop

Leave the hair dye to develop according to the instructions on the pack.

Don’t throw the hair dye that’s left over away just in case you need to add more.

Check on the colour in the mirror to make sure you don’t go too dark, light, or even orange!

Step 4: Wash your hair.

Rinse your hair dye out with a good shampoo until the water runs clear and condition as usual.

Step 5: Style and admire!

Take a look. Is there good coverage at the roots? Does the blur look natural? If you need more dark roots, repeat step 2 to 4.

Pros and cons of blonde with dark roots.


An effortless, understated look

Easy to maintain

The best style for growing out other blonde colours like highlights and streaks.

Gives hair volume

Hides grey hair


Needs regular root touch-ups

Can be tricky to blend dark and blonde colours at first

Can turn brassy

How do I care for blonde hair with dark roots?

Although blonde hair is a low maintenance look, the health of your hair still needs looking after. Particularly the blonde ends which will be drier nad more brittle.

The secret is to make sure you look after your colour with products that are made specifically for coloured hair. They’ll contain ingredients that are not so harsh on your hair which will help your colour last longer and restore it’s natural lusciousness. 

If your hair is showing signs of red or orange brassiness, you can keep it cool in between colours with a good blue shampoo for brown hair. These are toning shampoos that eliminate unwanted brassiness.

And use a good deep conditioner once a week to restore your hair’s moisture and elasticity.