Black ombré hair ideas | How to get the look at home.

You want to know all about black ombre hair? Welcome!

We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and you come across a picture of an absolutely gorgeous hairstyle that you want to try for yourself.

The problem is, it seems like the only way to get this look is by going to a salon and spending mega bucks on getting your hair done just once!

Never fear, because we’re here with some ideas and inspiration on what colours will look best on you, and tips on how to recreate black ombré hair at home.

This showstopper is an amazing look that can be achieved in a variety of ways, but it can also be pretty intimidating.

It’s a style that looks like it take hours and hours to achieve. It doesn’t! You can get this look with just a few tools and the right products. We’ve put together some tips on how to do it yourself at home so you never have to go back to your old boring colour again!

Whether you want subtle or dramatic, we’ve got the perfect tutorial for you. Check out our step-by-step guides below and learn how to recreate these gorgeous styles yourself!

If you’ve ever wanted to experience this on trend, on point new look but don’t know where to start, then read on!

What is black ombré hair?

The trend of lighter ends with darker roots is still going strong. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s all over our Pinterest and Insta feeds in all kinds of gorgeous colour shades and hues.

Ombré, which means shadow in French, refers to the technique of colouring strands with different shades from light at the roots and darker towards ends.

This version is a style where the ends of your black hair locks are dyed another lighter colour.

It’s often done as dark roots that are graded into light tips, but also can be “ombréd” into any colour.

It’s a low maintenance, high impact look that’s easy to do at home with a little time and patience.

Depending on how intense you want your look, colours can range from subtle pink and purple tones to bright blues and black and reds.

Black and green, black and white, blonde and black and other dark to light contrasts are so on-trend right now.

A reverse ombré is another hair trend where you have darker tips and a lighter base colour. Balayage on black hair is also a popular way to add lightness and color to black hair.

Check out the latest looks for ideas and inspiration.

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How do you ombré dark hair?

Dark hair can be a tricky one as you can’t just slap on some colour and hope for the best.

Black hair needs to be lightened first in the places you want the colour to get the right base for the new colour to show.

This means using bleach to lift your hair a level or two. Once the colour has been stripped from your strands, you can apply any new colour your heart desires.

Ombré is different to dip dye in that it’s a more graduated, painted technique.

If you don’t have black hair already, you’ll need to dye it jet black first to get the black base before the ombré-ing begins!

Which ombré colour is right for black hair?

  • Vibrant red
  • Copper-red
  • Burgundy
  • Ash blonde
  • Caramel blonde
  • Chocolate brown
  • Ginger
  • Grey/Silver
  • Fuschia pink
  • Pastel pink
  • Midnight blue

Vibrant red

black red ombre instagram post

Black and red hair colours are a classic combination. This look is stunning thanks to the deep brown or black at the roots that gradually fades to a bright pop of red at the bottom.

You can create this subtle yet very striking effect by lightening your tips with lightener without causing too much damage to your hair. This colour avoids any brassy tones, like when you see highlights on blonde hair which can look orange instead of yellow.


black and copper ombre instagram post

Copper red is a unique shade that blends awesomely with black.

The metallic shine neds up looking quite natural because the colour changes from brown to copper to orange and finally red.

On darker hair, you can achieve this look by merging all three shades and gradually lightening them towards the ends of your hair.


black and burgundy ombre instagram post

This shade is gorgeous on those with warm skin tones because the burgundy colour really brings out the warm undertones.

It does take more maintenance than some other colours though as it starts off a delicious dark purple but can fade to orange.

Ash blonde

black and ash blonde ombre instagram post

Black and ash blonde is one of our personal favourites.

This style starts with jet black roots which gradually blend into sleek cool blonde strands, creating a stunning contrast between the two colours that looks both natural and effortless.

Caramel blonde

black and caramel blonde ombre instagram post

Caramel blonde ombre is perfect for those who want to go for a more natural look. This shade looks quite subtle as it is dark at the roots then changes into a warm gold tone that fades into a bright yellow-blonde towards your tips.

You do have to be careful what kind of shampoo you use on this colour though as it can fade very quickly if exposed to chlorine from pools or salt water from the beach too often.

Chocolate brown

black and chocolate brown color ombre instagram post

Black and chocolate brown is ideal for those who don’t want to lift their hair very much.

It starts out dark at the roots then gradually lightens into a warm brown tone that fades into darker, almost golden brown towards your tips.

The great thing about this look is that you can leave some natural colour in it too for added dimension if you’re brunette.


black and ginger ombre instagram post

Ginger is a unique colour that you don’t see very often. It starts out at dark roots then gradually lightens into a bright orange-red tone that fades into a beautiful ginger, almost strawberry blonde towards your tips.

This is also a fast-fade colour so you’ll need to use the right shampoos to keep it looking lush.


black and silver grey color ombre instagram post

This is the perfect choice for those who want to lighten up!

It starts out dark at the roots then gradually lightens into a smokey silver shade. It’s ideal for those who want break away from their typical warm neutral color palette with something bold and vibrant.

if you have cool undertones, it’ll look awesome on you.

Fuschia pink

black and bright pink color ombre

Black and pink ombre is a fun, vibrant colour a fun style for those who want to look funky! It works great on those with darker skin tones.

It starts out dark at the roots then gradually lightens into a bright magenta tone or even a bright neon pink. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to brighten up their hair with a vibrant, yet edgy colour.

Pastel pink ombré

Screen Shot 2021 11 01 at 10.21.22

Black and pastel pink is the perfect choice for those who want to brighten up their hair with a soft colour that isn’t too out there.

It starts out dark at the roots then gradually lightens into a beautiful shade of pastel baby pink or lilac that can be bolder towards your tips.

Midnight blue ombré

black and midnight blue ombre color instagram post

Black and midnight blue is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a dark, mysterious touch to their hair.

It’s also a stunning way to create an illusion of depth. The deep colour tones in black and midnight blue ombre make it perfect for those who want their hair to stand out against lighter skin tones.

Can I ombré black hair at home?

Absolutely! If you pick the right colour for your hair, it’s easy to do this yourself at home.

If you are thinking of going blonde – this will mean lightening your hair. It might take more than one treatment to get the right lift.

Your hair may go orange if it’s not lifted enough. If this happens you’ll need to do more than one process.

Our guide for blonde hair ombré has top tips on how to get it right at home.

If you are thinking of adding a pop of colour – make sure you do a hair dye strand test first to check the colour hair dye you have chosen will give your hair the right hue.

For really bright or pastel colours, you’ll need to lighten your hair first to ensure you have the right base for the colour to pop!

Do you have to bleach your hair for ombre?

Mostly yes, you will have to bleach black hair to get this effect.

This is because the tips of your hair are typically a lighter shade of colour when it comes to this sultry style.

With black hair, this means using bleach to lighten the ends first before dyeing them a lighter colour.

You may be able to get away with some hair dyes that also lift your hair 1 or 2 levels. But always do a strand test first to make sure you’ll get the results you really want.

How long does it take to ombré black hair?

It’ll take longer than it normally would to dye your hair all over, even though you’re only dyeing a band at the ends.

We recommend setting aside 1-2 hours in total.

That’s because you’ll need to carefully paint the dye where you want it. This takes a bit of time, and practice!

Ask a friend to help out – especially with the back of your head. It’ll be quicker!

How can I ombré my hair without bleaching it?

If you want to make the most of your natural colour, you might need some advice on how to do it without bleaching your locks.

This look gradually lightens or darkens your hair shade to create depth and dimension in your hair colour. It’s often used as an alternative to full-on bleach blonde highlights because it looks more natural and is easier to maintain.

If you don’t want to go through the process of bleaching your hair, you can try using use a colour remover instead of bleach.

Bleach can cause serious damage over time, so if you’re looking for the same effect but not the same consequences, colour removers can work on previously dyed black hair.

If your hair is naturally black, you can also try out some top tips in How to naturally lighten your hair – 5 easy ways!

Can you get ombré hair in one session?

Whether you can get the look in one session depends if you’re bleaching your hair or adding subtle colour – every hair dye is different!

It’s totally possible to bleach and colour your hair one go if you have enough time, skill and patience!

If your hair is particularly damaged or fragile, you may want to wait a few days in between bleaching and re-colouring. This is to let your hair recover a little and give it some love with deep conditioners to get it ready for the next process.

If you are having this style done at a salon, they will do this for you all in one go if they think your hair can take it! Just prepare to be there a long time. And part with a lot of money!

Pros and cons of black ombré hair


  • A low maintenance look that grows out well.
  • Not as damaging if you use natural colours as base.
  • A great style for growing out highlights.
  • It’s a style that suits anyone
  • Works with all colours and skin tones


  • Can cause your hair to become dry and brittle at the end.
  • Ends will need regular trimming.
  • Lightening the ends of your hair a few shades will need bleach.
  • Can be tricky to lighten black hair without it turning orange!

How to ombré black hair at home.

Choose your colour.

As well as picking the right colour to blend with black, you’ll need to take your own natural colouring into consideration.

This means things like your skin undertones, natural hair colour, eye colour and even the clothes you wear.

Once you’re sure which colour you’d like your hair to be, find a hair dye to match. Be careful to look at the colour chart on the side of the box to make sure it will blend well with dark hair.

If you’re unsure which colours suit you, you can take our quick quiz!

which hair colour suits me

Use our guide for beginners

Head over to How to ombré hair at home| The greatest guide for beginners to learn the perfect technique. It’s an easy, 6-step guide to ombré-ing your hair yourself at home.

You can also watch and learn how the professionals do it.

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Is ombré bad for your hair?

This on-trend look is typically achieved by applying lighter shades around an already dyed base colour.

This means that there are sections on our heads that have been more processed than others. Unfortunately these areas will likely see greater dryness, breakage and split ends as a result.

But don’t worry. As long as you are aware of the effects of ombré-ing your hair, you can help prevent any lasting damage.


  • Try to avoid using bleach on the ends of your hair
  • Use a good deep conditioner before, and after dyeing
  • Use sulphate-free shampoos to be kind to your colour
  • Rub a little leave-in conditioner into your ends when your hair is damp for extra moisture
  • If your ends look dry and brittle, use some hair serum to seal them.

How can I care for my ombré hair?

If you have dyed the ends of your hair blonde, you’ll need to keep brassiness at bay.

Black hair can have warm undertones of red and orange that will start to show through as the colour fades.

Keep it cool with a good blue shampoo or purple shampoo that will neutralise any unwanted brassy tones.

Once a week, condition your hair with a good deep conditioner for coloured hair to restore moisture and elasticity without stripping your colour.

Parting words

We hope these tips have given you a few ideas to try out black ombré hair for yourself at home.

The best thing about this style is that the colour is just the ends of your hair.

So if you want to change it up or try something new- you won’t have to wait long to cut it all out! Good luck!