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red and black hair

Are you looking for a fabulous new hair colour? Black and red hair is the perfect combination of two colours that are both bold, beautiful, and unique.

It’s not just about having black or red hair – it’s about finding the right balance between them to create something truly special. Red can be too bright on its own, while black can look too harsh without any other colour to soften it up. But when they come together in harmony, they make one hell of a statement!

These two colours compliment one another beautifully. Whether you’re looking for an edgy style or a more understated look, this colour combo has all the sass that you could ever want.

This combination of hair colours creates a look that is anything but ordinary. Whether you’re looking for an edgy style or something more understated, these colours will ensure you stand out from the crowd whatever your choice!

Whether your hair is already black, naturally red or ready for a radical change – if you want to know how to wear the look, this article is for you. Read on!

What is black and red hair?

These are two of the most popular shades to use thanks to being totally versatile and always in season all year long.

There are plenty of different shades and tones of each of them to have a play around with if you want to mix things up a bit.

This statement look is not just stylish because it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd, but also because it doesn’t require an all-over dye job.

All that’s necessary is either black or red hair dye, depending on whether you’re going for a regular sass level or something with an extra kick!

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Does black and red hair go together?

Yes! These two equally stunning shades of colour compliment each other perfectly. And there are so many different ways you can wear them.

You can opt to dye your hair just black, just red, or go for the classic mix of the two.

Red dye looks particularly striking when paired with jet black hair, while a true scarlet shade looks fantastic on top of bold strands of inky colour.

Will black and red hair suit me?

This is a great way to experiment with new styles and colours if you’re looking to be adventurous.

If it sounds like the look for you then we suggest getting out there and trying it out! You never know, you might find that this combination of hair colours suits your skin tone more than you ever imagined.

Redheads are most commonly associated with this look, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else can’t enjoy it.

All you need to do is find the right shade for you. This will involve finding out if you have cool or warm undertones.

If you’re not sure what skin tones you have, you can use our handy checklist below!

If you have cool undertones:

  • Your skin tone is pink or pale.
  • You blush easily!
  • Jewel and pastel colours are so your thing.
  • The colour yellow washes you out and does not look good on you.
  • You have blue not green veins in your wrist.
  • Pearls and silver jewellery look awesome on you.

If you have warm undertones:

  • You have red or golden tones in your natural hair.
  • Your skin tone is golden, tan or olive.
  • You might have freckles.
  • You have green not blue veins in your wrist.
  • You suit bright or rich shades better.
  • Gold jewellery looks awesome on you.
cool or warm undertones infographic

If you’re still unsure, take out quick quiz! This will tell you what hair colours will suit you. Just answer a few quick questions and you can apply this colour theory to your hair, your wardrobe and your life!

Just click on the image below!

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What hairstyles suit black and red hair?


black ombre red color instagram post

Ombré is a popular choice for these two vibrant hues.

This colouring method involves starting with darker roots and gradually lightening the ends of the hair, rather than going from dark to light all in one go.

As such this style looks particularly good on people who want to add some colour into their look without it being too obvious or flashy.

Go for a deep black ombré base with burgundy-red as your accent colour. Or swap it around for a reverse ombre.


red and black color balayage

Balayage is an option if you want to go for something slightly more subtle.

This is a less noticeable form of highlighting, where the stylist applies dye in painted sweeps throughout the hair.

This works most beautifully with a soft black base and copper or mahogany accents for an intense and stunning look.

Half and half hair

split dye black red instagram post

Another option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of both red and black hair, but don’t want to commit one way or another, is half and half hair.

Also known as split dye, it’s basically like it sounds; half your hair will be dyed black while the other half is red! Go for a jet black and poppy red combo and you can’t go wrong.


deep red highlights on black hair instagram post

Highlights are another easy way to add some splash of colour into your look, without actually dyeing your entire head.

Off-black hair looks stunning with intense or fiery red highlights because the contrast really stands out.

However, if you just want a splash of colour rather than making it an all-year-round thing then you can always opt for some temporary highlights instead.


bright amber streaks on midnight hair

Streaks are a really easy and subtle way of wearing these two glossy colours together.

Just make sure that the difference between your dark and light colours is large enough to look noticeable. A Transylvania black base with a bright pop of cool raspberry coloured hair streaks around your face will look incredible.

Red hair with black roots

cherry hair color on jet black roots Instagram post

If you want to go for a more traditional look, then we suggest choosing a really deep shade of midnight black and a bright, vibrant fire engine red.

What you should aim to do is make it so that your roots are dark, creating a striking contrast and a gorgeous finish.

Dipped ends

ruby dip dye onyx hair color instagram post

Another option is the dip dye look, where you dye your hair at the bottom but leave the top free from colour change.

This creates a striking effect which will look great however you wear it – raven black base with cherry red tips and vice versa.

Peekaboo hair

peekaboo raven black hair color with warm berry red Instagram post

This underneath hair colour style is great for people who want to experiment with something a little bit different, but don’t like the idea of dyeing their entire head.

You can experiment with jet black hair with a pop of bright red like ruby or crimson underneath, or vice versa! This versatile style is the best of both colourful worlds.

How long will black and red hair last?

This colour combination is stunning, but it isn’t very long-lasting.

Your hair dye will start to fade after just a few washes, so you’ll have to re-dye your locks fairly regularly if this is the look you’re going for.

How often should I dye my black and red hair?

It will fade after a few washes, so you’ll have to dye it again fairly soon.

This depends on how much you want your colour to show up. For the best results, we recommend getting it touched up again every two weeks if you don’t want it to fade away completely!

How to care for black and red hair.

Any of these styles are easy to care for, but needs a little bit of extra TLC in comparison to other shades.

Make sure you’re using quality, sulphate-free shampoos and colour-safe conditioners to keep your colour looking bright and healthy!

To prevent fading, opt for a deep conditioning treatment every time you wash your hair to restore moisture and shine.

Products that will help keep your locks protected include those which contain UV filters, as well as those with moisturising properties.

If you want your colour to look bright and glossy then we recommend using a good heat protector every time you heat style your hair.

Parting words

Black and red hair is a striking combination that looks awesome when it’s done properly.

If you’re already a black or a redhead then it can be nice to switch things up a little bit. If not, there are plenty of ways to get this look without dyeing your whole head.

Dip-dye some highlights, add some temporary streaks or try the peekaboo technique – whatever you choose, we hope this article has proved helpful!