80s Throwback: Top 5 Hair Crimpers for Colored Locks

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The 80’s are back! The crimped hair look is making a comeback and we can’t wait to unpack our hair crimpers and get busy with the frizzy. But which is the best hair crimper that will care for colored hair?

Crimped hair is the sister style of the massively on trend and sassy beach waves that we’re all in love with right now. But it’s hard to find good information on which hair crimper will work best for colored hair.

The right tool can make all the difference. That’s why we researched and tried out a bunch of different brands until we found the best for price and performance. Here are the results, plus some tips on how to use them properly. Enjoy!

Here’s everything you need to know to get the top textured look.

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Finding Your Perfect Hair Crimper

Choosing the right hair crimper isn’t just about picking up the first tool you see on the shelf or clicking the top result online.

It’s about finding a match for your hair type, length, and the style you’re aiming to achieve. Let’s talk about why this matters and what to look for in a good hair crimper.:

What’s Your Hair Type?

Got fine hair? Look for a crimper that lets you adjust the heat so you don’t fry your strands.

Thick hair? You’ll need something that can crank up the heat without causing damage. The stuff the plates are made of matters a lot here.

Ceramic is awesome for spreading the heat evenly (no hot spots to mess up your hair), and titanium is super for handling high heat if you’ve got tough-to-style locks.

How Long Is Your Hair?

Short hair peeps, you’ll want a crimper with smaller plates to get in close and style with precision.

Long-haired friends, go for wider plates that can tackle more hair at once, saving you time and effort.

What Style Are You Going For?

Aiming for those tight, zigzag crimps or more of a laid-back, wavy look? The size of the crimper’s plates and how hot it gets can help you nail the look you’re after.

Picking the right crimper is all about matching it to your hair’s needs and the vibe you’re shooting for. With the right tool, you can protect your hair from damage and have a blast styling it. It’s all about making styling fun, easy, and safe for your hair.

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Which are the best hair crimpers?

From temperature controllers, to added accessories and how quick they heat up, here are the best ones you can buy today to achieve the most wonderful crimped hair look!

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Diva Pro Styling Digital Crimper.

Diva Pro Styling Digital Crimper with Macadamia, Argan Oil & Keratin Infused Ceramic Plates PRO319

Best for: Crimping with colored hair care.

These are fabulous and almost as if they’re made for colored hair. Easy to use and most importantly, they come with a temperature dial so that you only need to have them as hot as you need.

Combine this with the fact that the ceramic barrel infuses your hair with argan oil and keratin while you style, this is an all round winner for us.

Find out more about our favourite crimper in Diva Pro Styling Digital Crimper | Spotlight Review

#1 Bed Head Crimpers Little Tease

Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper | For Crimped Texture (1 in)

Specification & Features:

  • 1” Crimping Plates: Ideal for creating texture and volume at the roots or throughout your hair for a bold, statement look.
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology: Reduces frizz and adds shine, leaving your hair healthier-looking.
  • High Heat Up to 400°F: Ensures long-lasting crimps and styles, suitable for all hair types.
  • Fast Heat-Up: Ready to use in just seconds, making your styling routine quicker and more efficient.

Reviewers say:

“I use this almost every day. If you have fine hair, this is perfect for you. I instantly look like a have a full head of hair, I get so many compliments. I prefer this look over straighteners by far.”

“I love these hair crimpers. I would highly recommend. Quality is key and you what you pay for right here.”

“Fantastic, love how fast it heats up with in seconds and simple and easy to use. My little girl loves getting her hair done too!”

Our experience:

For those with shorter hair looking to add a bit of oomph, the Bed Head Little Tease is ideal. It heats up quickly, allowing for a fast styling process that doesn’t keep you waiting.

The unique color and design add a fun touch to your styling routine, while its suitability for short hair means you can get close to the roots for that much-desired volume boost.

Best for: Volume.

#2 BaByliss Nano Titanium Pro Hair Crimper.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Styling Crimper, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Specification & Features:

  • This hair crimper has tourmaline-ceramic plates.
  • 10 temperature settings from 120°C to 210°C
  • Heats up to a top temperature of 210C in just 30 seconds
  • Create hair that is shiny, perfectly defined and with long-lasting texture.

Reviewers say:

“This was a gift for my daughter and she loves them. Easy to use and heats up quite quickly. Excellent value for this. I had read the reviews first and everyone said they were great, which decided for me.”

“I always wanted to try little waves on my hair and I loved it. Strong and beautiful crimps. Stays longer. Excited to try this look for the summer.”

“Exactly what I needed. Beautiful results for the price.”

Our experience:

These are a great budget buy and effective crimpers for all types of hair. It’s temperature controlled which is great but we did find the control dials a little fiddly and accidentally turned it off mid-styling a few times!

But the crimped hair results were excellent on our medium-length hair and lasted well into the next day. This is a great starter hair crimper if you don’t want to spend a lot of dosh. Check out their awesome mini crimper too for adding even more texture.

Best for: Budget.

#3 Diva Pro Styling Digital Crimper.

Diva Pro Styling Digital Crimper with Macadamia, Argan Oil & Keratin Infused Ceramic Plates PRO319

Specification & Features:

  • With macadamia argan oil and keratin infused ceramic barrel.
  • Digital variable heat: 110°C – 220°C 
  • 1 hour auto shut-off 
  • 3m salon length cord

Reviewers say:

“Amazing crimper for the money. It was really quick to use and I like the way you can control what temperature the straightener is. Highly recommended.”

“Amazing product I have really thick wavy hair and these are the best crimpers I have found. My hair looked so cool, I love them.”

Our experience:

These are fabulous and almost as if they’re made for colored hair. Easy to use and most importantly, they come with a temperature dial so that you only need to have them as hot as you need.

If you have thicker hair, you’ll need it hotter to get the look, and thinner hair is mercifully saved by the cooler settings. There’s even a special artificial hair extension setting of 110C.

Combine this with the fact that the ceramic barrel infuses your hair with argan oil and keratin while you style, this is an all round winner for us.

Best for: Crimping with colored hair care.

#4 Remington S Ceramic Crimp for Hair.

Remington S 3580 Ceramic Crimp for Hair

Specifications & Features:

  • Effortlessly ensures the perfect hairstyle.
  • Option to regulate temperature
  • Shuts off automatically after a period of inactivity
  • Your hair will always be beautifully styled, flexible and magnificently shiny.

Reviewers say:

“Easy to use and practical. Crimps my hair really well but also flattens my very curly and frizzy hair on low heat! Two styling tools in one!”

“This gets hot quickly and makes waves in just seconds. It’s just like a “waffle tongs” that was popular in the 90’s.”

“Lovely volume and texture!”

Our experience:

This is one that works fast. Not only does it heat up super quick but the plates are a little wider than the others on this list. This makes the hair crimpers trickier to move around and get close to your roots, but it means your hair is crimped super fast.

The temperature control is is the only downer – it doesn’t show the exact temperature you’re setting it and it’s easily knocked as you style. Other than that, these are great!

Best for: Super fast crimping.

#5 CkeyiN Professional Crimping Iron and Straighter.

CkeyiN Hair Crimper for Women with 3 Interchangeable Plates, 3 in 1 Hair Straightener and Crimper Adjustable Temperature Crimping Irons Wavers for All Hair Types

Specification & Features:

  • Hair Crimper and Hair Straightener in 1.
  • 4 in 1 interchangeable ceramics wave plates, contains L wave plate, M wave plate, S wave plate and Flat plate, and heat resistant gloves!
  • 4 Adjustable Temperatures: 160°C, 180°C, 200°C, 220°C
  • 1.5”ceramic tourmaline coating heating plate is ideal for hair of all lengths.

Reviewers say:

“There is no smell, it heats up quickly, the cable turns-it does not get tangled, the spouse likes it”

“It works brilliantly and I love my new crimped hair style! I’m using these every day.”

“The plates are hard to change and you have to make sure they’re in properly so they don’t fall out. Lovely results though! Once you start using it, it’s easy to use.”

Our experience:

Oh wow the accessories! This comes with three, yes three, different plates to give you everything from really tight to more relaxed crimped styles. You can also use it without any plates as a straightener.

It also comes with a heat resistant glove which is an awesome idea as these crimpers do get very hot!

We tried this hair crimper on thick hair and found the M plates to work best at a medium temperature. Our hair was shiny too. The temptation with these is to use them at the hottest setting but that will fry your color. Overall, these are the best for thicker hair.

Best for: Thick hair and loads of accessories.

Best hair crimpers for coloured hair

Hair CrimperLooks likeBest forBuy now
ghd Contour Professional Crimperq? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B075G3J5HH&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=colouredhairc 21&language=en GBbest crimpers for coloured hair ghdFiner hair.
BaByliss Pro Hair Crimper.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Styling Crimper, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Diva Pro Styling Digital Crimper.

Diva Pro Styling Digital Crimper with Macadamia, Argan Oil & Keratin Infused Ceramic Plates PRO319

Crimping with coloured hair care.
Remington S Ceramic Crimp for Hair.

Remington S 3580 Ceramic Crimp for Hair

Super fast crimping
CkeyiN Professional Crimping Iron and Straighter.

CkeyiN Hair Crimper for Women with 3 Interchangeable Plates, 3 in 1 Hair Straightener and Crimper Adjustable Temperature Crimping Irons Wavers for All Hair Types

Thick hair and loads of accessories.

How to Use a Hair Crimper for Best Results

Get Your Hair Ready

  • Wash and Dry: Start with clean, completely dry hair. Crimping wet hair is a no-go because it can cause damage and won’t give you those crisp crimps.
  • Heat Protectant: Don’t skip this step! Spray a good heat protectant all over your hair to shield it from heat damage.

Crimping Time

  • Section Your Hair: Work in small sections. Clip up the top layers of your hair and start with the bottom layers. This way, you can make sure every strand gets some love.
  • Temperature Settings: If your crimper has adjustable heat, use a lower setting for fine hair and a higher one for thicker hair. This helps prevent damage.
  • Crimp from the Roots: For volume, start crimping close to the roots (but not too close to avoid burns) and work your way down.
  • Hold It Right: Press the crimper down on a section of hair and hold it for a few seconds (check your crimper’s guide for exactly how long). Then, move down the section and repeat until the whole length is crimped.

For Different Styles

  • Tight Crimps: Use a narrow-plated crimper and crimp small sections of hair for more defined crimps.
  • Soft Waves: If you’re going for a wavier look, use a crimper with larger plates and crimp larger sections of hair. Don’t press too hard or hold it too long.
  • Volume Boost: Crimp only the underlayers of your hair near the roots to secretly boost volume.

Finishing Touches

  • Cool Down: Let your hair cool off before you brush or style it further.
  • Styling Products: Use a light hairspray or a shine serum to finish off your look. This will help set your crimps and add a healthy shine.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Play around with different techniques and sections until you find the look that’s just right for you. And always, always protect your hair from the heat. With these tips, you’re all set to create fun, fabulous styles with your crimper. Happy styling!

How long will my crimped hair style last?

Crimped hair will last all day (and beyond) if you use plenty of styling products to create and set the shape.


Use a good heat protecting spray before you start.

Use a styling mousse before and during styling to give you hair volume and define your crimped style.

Set your style afterwards with a strong hold hairspray.


Brush your hair after it’s crimped! It will flatten the style.

Don’t use your crimpers too often. Heated styling tools fade your color as well as damage your hair with heat.

Deep conditioners are fantastic for giving your hair extra strength and to replenish your hair bonds.

And don’t forget to always follow our top tips for How to look after your colored hair and keep it luscious for longer!

Hair Crimpers FAQs

What is crimped hair?

Crimped hair is straight hair electrified. You get the look by styling straight or straightened hair with a crimping iron to create a micro-wavy texture.

Crimped hair is the one time we love frizz! This is a purposefully volumised, fun and fabulous statement look.

How do I use hair crimpers?

Using hair crimpers is a lot like using hair straighteners in that you’ll need to divide your hair into sections and style each section in turn.

These hot tools that are easy to use and involve clamping the crimpers against your hair from root to tip. Check out this video for a great tutorial.

Do you have to straighten your hair before you crimp it?

That depends on what type of crimping iron that you use.

The most common kind is a ceramic, and it can be used with any type of hair. If you’re using a crimper with clamping mechanism, then yes, usually the hair needs to be straightened first so that the clamp will grip onto your strands tightly enough for the desired effect.

Think of it as giving your hair a good, flat base on which the crimper can work its magic.

Will crimped hair suit me?

Anyone can try crimped hair! It’s a very versatile style technique that adds a crinkled edge to any looks. You don’t need super straight hair either – crimping works just as well on curly hair too.

Short hair looks great crimped with a mix of textures and hair crimped in smaller sections.

Medium-length to long hair to carry off the retro, big hair look.

It’s great for giving thin hair some volume and lift.

You can also crimp sections of your hair such as your fringe and loosely tied up ponytails, braids and buns for a true boho look.

For a more relaxed vibe, you can use hair wavers. Hair wavers give deeper waves to create that gorgeous beachy waves, mermaid hair look.

Check out some of the latest looks for ideas and inspiration.

crimped hair collection pinterest board

Are hair crimpers safe for colored hair?

Every styling tool that uses heat will help to fade your color. The trick is not to use them too often and use a really good heat protection spray to protect your hair from damage when you do.

Crimpers have come a long way since the 80’s and like straighteners, some now come with color-friendly, keratin infused ceramic plates and temperature controls to soothe and style your hair.

Ceramic plates are a must when it comes to hair crimpers for dyed hair, so stay away from any metal ones.

Maintenance and Care for Your Hair Crimper

Keeping your hair crimper in top condition not only extends its lifespan but also ensures it performs at its best with each use. Here are some straightforward tips on how to care for, maintain, and store your hair crimper:

Cleaning Your Crimper

  • Cool Down: Always let your crimper cool completely before attempting to clean it.
  • Wipe Down: Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe down the plates. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the plates or the crimper’s finish.
  • Remove Build-up: For any product build-up, you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth to gently wipe the plates. Make sure the device is unplugged and completely cool.

Storing Your Crimper

  • Unplug: Ensure the crimper is unplugged after every use.
  • Cool Before Storing: Never store your crimper while it’s still hot. Wait for it to cool down to prevent any heat damage to surfaces or the storage area.
  • Cord Care: Wrap the cord loosely around the crimper to avoid bending or damaging it. Avoid wrapping the cord too tightly, as this can lead to fraying or internal damage over time.
  • Dry Location: Store your crimper in a dry place to prevent any moisture from getting into the electronic components.

Regular Maintenance

  • Inspect Regularly: Check your crimper for any signs of wear and tear, especially the cord and plates. If you notice any damage, it’s better to replace the crimper than to risk using a faulty device.
  • Avoid Dropping: Handle your crimper with care. Dropping it can damage the plates or internal components, affecting its performance.
  • Professional Help: If your crimper starts acting up, consider taking it to a professional for repair rather than trying to fix it yourself, especially if it’s under warranty.

Extra Tips

  • Plate Protection: When cleaning and storing, ensure nothing hard or sharp comes in contact with the plates. Scratches or dents can affect how evenly the crimper heats and styles your hair.
  • Usage: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for both use and care. This can include guidance on the types of styling products to avoid and temperature recommendations.

Parting words.

Choosing the right hair crimper is key to unlocking endless styling possibilities while ensuring your hair remains healthy and vibrant.

Remember, the journey to finding the perfect crimper is also an opportunity to experiment with your look.

Whether you’re aiming for tight crimps, soft waves, or dramatic volume, there’s a crimper designed to help you achieve those goals. But as you explore and play with different styles, don’t forget the importance of hair care.

Using heat protectants, choosing the right temperature settings, and opting for crimpers with hair-friendly technologies like ceramic and tourmaline plates can make all the difference in keeping your hair healthy.

In the end, styling should be fun, expressive, and safe for your hair. With the right tools and a bit of creativity, you can enjoy a world of styling options that reflect your unique personality and style.

So go ahead, experiment with your hair, and embrace the versatility that comes with a great hair crimper. Your perfect look is waiting to be discovered.

Found your perfect crimper? We’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram @colouredhaircare or Facebook and share your hair style success stories. Looking for more hair care tips? Check out How to Look After Colored Hair: 11 Expert Secrets For Long-Lasting Color.

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