Seeking The Best Straighteners For Colored Hair?

Straighteners give us that stunning poker-straight look that we love. However, they’re not famed for being great for the condition of our hair.

That’s particularly true if you have dyed hair. Straighteners can wash out the color, leaving it looking distinctly lack-luster. That also means you have to dye your hair more often, which is expensive.  Using them too often can also lead to damage like split ends. When straightening it’s important to have clean hair, because burning oil or dirt can lead to even more damage.

One of the oldest of all styling tools, straighteners been around since the Edwardian age and over the past twenty years have evolved to include ceramic devices.


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The best straighteners for colored hair usually have temperature controls, keratin infused plates and special conditioning gizmos. They’re designed to prevent the common issues that these tools traditionally cause to dyed follicles.


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