Check out Awesome Hair Colors Tips from Top Experts

Fancy trying an adventurous new color this summer?

Before grabbing that box of dye from the drugstore, read our tips on achieving your perfect hair color. If you’ve spotted a trend you love the look of on Instagram, our experts can help you to get the on-trend look on-point at home.

The right color hair can lift our spirits, making us feel both more beautiful and more confident. You should never underestimate the power of color when it comes to enhancing your mood! Statement colors have become much more fashionable over the past few years, with many people trying more adventurous shades like hot red and pink, mint green and lavender purple

However, get it wrong and you face months of having it grow out, or frantically trying to cover it up! At the same time, you don’t want a look that will quickly become dated or you’ll get bored with in a few months. It’s important to remember that celebrities like Katy Perry tend to wear wigs rather than dying their hair every other week!

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With our hair color tips, it’s easier to take the plunge and try a new look. 

When considering a new hair color, it’s best to consider factors such as your skin undertone, the maintenance involved and whether you should try home drying or salon treatments. Why not do our hair color quiz to find out which will suit you most?

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Once you’ve decided on a color, our tips will ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Whether you wish to be a classically luxurious brunette, brassy blonde or wish to try a new trend (like the fiery black and orange two-tone look), we’re here to help you do it. All our blog posts are written by specialists in colored hair care. 

We have a wealth of content on our website. Not only are there hair color tips but information on keeping your locks in excellent condition. We offer loads of information and need-to-knows on both all-over coloring, two-tone looks and highlights. 
Want to know more? Simply explore our hair colors tips online today.